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‘Brothers Be Careful’: Claudia Jordan Ruffles Feathers After She Issues Warning About Black Men Dating White Women, Following Jonathan Majors Being Accused of Assault

Claudia Jordan issued a PSA for all of her “brothers” in interracial relationships following the recent domestic assault allegations placed on Jonathan Majors.

In the most recent episode of FOX Soul’s “Cocktails With Queens,” Jordan and her co-hosts Syleena Johnson, LisaRaye McCoy, and Vivica Fox discussed the multiple counts of assault Majors was charged with after a woman, whom TMZ reported as his girlfriend, claimed that he hit and choked her while they were inside a taxi cab.

Claudia Jordan issues PSA to Black men that date white women. (Photo: @claudiajordan/Instagram)

While each lady had a chance to speak their own individual opinion concerning the news, Jordan decided to head in a different direction as she spoke directly to the camera and sent out a cryptic message to men of color. 

“Brothers, brothas, I’m talking to you my brothas,” the 49-year-old said as her colleagues sipped their wine and egged her on to finish the statement. 

“Come on, man, you know you can’t get away with it with them. They already looking, they looking,” she said. 

While Johnson and Fox appeared to relate with their shady facial expressions, McCoy insisted that her co-worker be more specific regarding those to whom she was referring. 

“When you say them what you mean — them as women or them as white folks? What you talking about” McCoy asked. 

While “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum acknowledged that she comes from an interracial relationship, she also suggested that black men “watch” themselves around white women. 

“It’s been a couple white women,” Jordan said, “that are saying – not saying you can’t interracially date because I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for that. I’m just saying you gotta watch yourself because they’re gonna believe your accuser before they believe you.” 

She continued, “Love who you love, like who you like, hang out with who you want to hang out with, but you gotta button it up when you’re at this level.”

Before this segment ended, the talk show host wrapped up her speech by reiterating her initial point.

“Brothers be careful because it’s getting worse again. We’re going through the same cycle again.” 

After Jordan’s message hit FOX Soul’s Instagram page, a few fans shared mixed opinions about her concern for men, especially since she has been called out previously for making problematic statements about Black men and women.

“LisaRaye reaction. Because Claudia Jordan you are one of them you are a half white woman. Who hates her black father,” one user suggested.

That person continued, “Claudia Jordan looks forward to dragging black people. Don’t be a foul black community she’s good at pretending to like her black skin. When she really wishes she was a white woman like her mom.”

Another fan showed to agree with Jordan, writing, “I love how Claudia is willing to say what needs to be said.” 

Fans looking to hear takes like this and more can keep up with “Cocktails With Queens” every Monday.

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