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‘Girl I Don’t Blame You’: Malaysia Pargo Planning ‘Basketball Wives’ Exit After Jennifer Williams Reveals Messy Accusations on the Show, Fans React

Things got heated this week on “Basketball Wives: LA” between Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams. The two have clashed in the past and made nasty remarks toward each other in defense of their friends.

Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams. (Photo: @vanityworld10/Instagram; @jenniferwilliams/Instagram.)

Not to mention Williams had a “huge issue” with Pargo hanging up during a recent FaceTime call Williams was having with fellow co-star Brittish Williams in last week’s episode.

Pargo had apparently had caught wind of the foul things Williams said about her and grabbed the phone from Brittish and hung it up. Instead of apologizing, Williams chose violence and decided to get even. 

Fans thought they had made peace years ago, but many are now confused after their latest encounter. Still upset that Pargo hung up on her, Williams dropped a bomb that left an entire dinner table speechless.

In the episode that aired on Feb. 20, Williams shared over drinks with Brittish some personal information about a property Pargo owned in Atlanta. 

Later on, Jackie Christie held her signature Ponderosa with all of the ladies dressed in black to address whatever issues they have with each other. She pressed Williams to tell Pargo what she said about her in front of everyone. 

Christie pushed and pushed until Williams explained why she was upset about Pargo hanging up on her. She then laid into Pargo for not being “real” about what she’s going through in her personal life. 

Pargo made it clear that she was not ready to share what she was going through, nor was she interested in having a friendship with Williams, who accused her of playing “the victim.“ She then pointed out that she has three children and Williams has none, which set her off.

“I don’t care if it’s camera rolling, real life. We all know your house was foreclosed on,” shouted Williams.

Pargo has previously opened up about life after divorce and co-parenting with the father of her three children, Jannero Pargo. In previous seasons, she alleged that the former NBA player was not paying child support.

Yet, fans are confused at why Williams would share such sensitive information simply because someone hung up on her. But some referred to the infamous 2018 fight in Amsterdam, where Pargo picked up a table and threw it at Williams.

One person tweeted, “I would say @iamjennifer crossed the line, but Malaysia did throw a table at her #Basketballwives.”

Defending herself, Williams replied, “How did I cross the line? Y’all got selective amnesia… this girl threw a table at me, came to my dead mother’s event & did some f— s—, then started some BS at the meat market then hung up on me but I crossed the line…okkkk.”

In a trailer for next week’s episode, Pargo can be seen sitting at a table with Christie and another cast member DJ Duffey. She informed the ladies that she was leaving the group and would no longer be around. 

“I really enjoy hanging out with you guys, but at this point, I will not be coming around your group of friends … the band that you put together,” Pargo said.

“Girl I don’t blame you cause that space is not good for your mental health and if it don’t bring you peace with the back and forth protect your peace and happiness,” wrote one fan in the comments.

Another said, “Its literally blame malaysia and im just sick of it thats all this show been about omg.”

Find out what happens next week on “Basketball Wives,” which airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on VH1.

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