‘If I Have to I Will’: La La Anthony Says Women Shouldn’t be Afraid to Shoot Their Shot at Men They Find Attractive  

La La Anthony is the type of woman who is willing to go after what she wants, even when it comes to men.

In a resurfaced clip from her stint guest hosting “The Breakfast Club” in January, La La revealed she is more than willing to make the first move.

“I’m very confident,” she told co-hosts Charlamagne tha God and DJ Envy as they discussed the right and wrong time for a person to shoot their shot.

Charlamagne figured there was no way, at this point in her career, that La La was approaching men, but she proved him wrong.

“If I have to, I will. It’s nothing wrong if a female sees something they like to approach or put something out there,” the 40-year-old explained. 

LaLa Anthony
La La Anthony (Photo: LaLa/Instagram.)

“Sometimes females don’t want to do that. And they feel like the guy always has to be the one pursuing, like it’s okay. Sometimes a guy might not think you’re interested or would even give him a shot. I’m saying put a little something out there and see what happens,” the actress continued.

When asked what it would look like if she were to shoot her shot, she said it could be something as simple as introducing herself to a man.

“I would just be like, you know, ‘Hey, it’s really nice to meet you,’ ” said the former radio personality. Despite laughter from the guys, she reassured them that the ‘shot’ was all in her delivery.

“It’s just how I say it, it’s the tone in my voice… and then depending on his, if he’s like, ‘It’s really nice to meet you too,’ then I’m like all right. We might have something here!” she said. “You just gotta feel it like … Or just like conversation. It just happens. You just know when it happens.”

Fans had plenty to say, from, “Do what works for you but for me, no…” and “I definitely don’t mind shooting my shot, I’m confident. If it don’t work out it just wasn’t for me it’s pretty simple. Lol.”

The “BMF” actress has been single since filing for divorce from Carmelo Anthony in 2021. The two began dating in 2003, and married seven years later. After three years of marital woes and rumors of Carmelo’s infidelities, La La pulled the plug on the relationship. They share a 16-year-old son named Kiyan.

Earlier this year, La La said she felt like the only men who wanted to pursue her were younger guys. Otherwise, her DMs have not been flooded with messages from individuals looking to woo her. “I don’t feel like any guys want to date me,” she told TMZ.

However, around that same time, fans were busy speculating if she and “BMF” co-star D’Vinchi had taken their on-screen romance behind closed doors.

When the pair appeared on “The Jason Lee Show” in February, they addressed the elephant in the room.

“No, I wouldn’t date a co-star. I think it gets complicated when you work with somebody and you’re in a relationship with them, it’s very hard to separate the two,” she said in an effort to shut down the rumors.

Fans were not all that convinced that a fling of sorts had not taken place. For the most part, D’Vinchi remained mum about the allegations, only adding fuel to the rumor for those unwilling to accept La La’s explanation.

For now, it seems La La is keeping a low profile if there is, in fact, a special someone in her life.

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