‘I Thought She Said the Married People She Knows Are Miserable’: La La Anthony Reveals She’s ‘Had’ Ciara’s Prayer for a While, Goes to the Singer and Kelly Rowland for Relationship Advice ‘They Have Incredible Husbands’

La La Anthony is an established actor, host, and well-rounded entrepreneur who prides herself in having genuine friendships within the entertainment industry.

Celebs such as Kelly Rowland, Ciara, and Kim Kardashian have played a vital role in Anthony’s life whether it’s to lift her spirits, help her out with a business venture, or give her words of wisdom regarding relationships.

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LaLa Anthony. (Photo: LaLa/Instagram.)

In a recent interview with “The Shade Room,” Anthony talked about her relationships with the three women revealing the best advice they have given her. 

As the interview reached its 18:27 mark, Anthony admitted she goes to each friend for specific advice; Kim being the friend she turns to for business advice while Ciara and Rowland are the friends she typically turns to for relationship advice

“They’re obviously both married, and have incredible husbands, incredible relationships. So, for love and relationship advice I usually go to them,” the 41-year-old explained.

When asked what type of advice the two R&B singers give their bestie, she stated that Ciara’s advice is focused on speaking life into what one wants, while Rowland’s was more on speaking life into yourself.

“Ciara’s very much an advocate of praying for what you want and being intentional about what you want,” Anthony said. 

Comically noting everyone’s need of “Ciara’s prayer,” which was featured on Summer Walker’s sophomore album, “Still Over It,” the “BMF” actress revealed that was a prayer she’s had for a while.

“You guys just got it on the Summer Walker album, but I’ve had it,” Anthony jokingly stated while speaking to The Shade Room’s director, Thembi Mawema. 

As for her “Motivation” bestie, Anthony described Rowland’s words of encouragement.

“Kelly is just so, has just such an open heart,” she continued, “she’s always complimenting me and telling me what a great person I am.” 

Anthony sharing the advice she receives on love took a few fans by surprise, especially after the New York native’s recent “Breakfast Club” episode where she revealed not seeing herself get married a second time, and that most people she knows who are married appear to be miserable. 

“‘Love and relationship advice’ didn’t she say everyone around her is not happily married?”

“I thought she said the married people she knows are miserable?”

Though La La did say the vast majority of her friends are unhappily married, she was not grouping Ciara and Rowland into that category. In fact, the actress went lengths during the “Breakfast Club” episode in calling Ciara and her husband, Russell Wilson, a positive role model of marriage to her. 

“To me, I’m happy that I’m able to see that because that’s the norm of what I see,” she said.

“I’m happy that I’m able to have that example to still have that hope that that kind of love and connection really does exist. But that’s not the norm of what I see,” she added.

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