La La Anthony Had Some Interesting Things to Say About Men and Marriage In Q&A with Fans

La La Anthony had some downtime on set and had a Q&A on her Instagram Story where followers of the star could ask her some questions. To no surprise, fans went in full force with the questions and left La La leaving some unanswered. 

One question asked, “What are some things a man can do that’s romantic that you would say turn you on?” La La replied, “Let’s save this for the next time…lol”

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While La La avoided that question, she did answer a fan’s query regarding marriage. 

A fan asked the “BMF” actress to marry them and she responded, “I don’t think me and marriage go together anymore [shrug emoji] [face palm emoji] [laughing emoji]”

La La Anthony Had Some Interesting Things to Say About Men and Marriage In Q&A with Fans

La La Anthony has been in the public eye for quite some time. One major time the former MTV VJ’s life was being treated like a spectacle was when she announced she was divorcing Los Angeles Lakers player Carmelo Anthony

The couple met in 2003 and went through alleged infidelity scandals that ultimately led up to La La filing for divorce in 2021. 

Although the pair are no longer together, La La told Angie Martinez in her 2021 radio interview that they are still “best friends.”

“When you’ve been with somebody for so long — you know, we started as best friends, I love that we still have that friendship we’re raising a kid together. It’s no drama with us, it’s no beef, I talk to him as I talk to you.” 

La La also talked to Angie about her dating life and if she’d be open to dating again after the very public separation from her estranged husband. 

“I’m just trying to figure out what is my space in this new world of dating,” La La replied.

As the interview progressed, La La spoke on the chances of her opening herself up again and finding her one true love. 

She tells Angie about two rings she acquired that read “F–k Love” and explained, “After you been through what I went through, which was public and very hard, you do start feeling like that, and you see how people can become like jaded and, you know, maybe it’s not for me, and I want to stay positive. Marriage? I don’t think I could do that ever again.” 

Shocked at her answer, Angie responded, “Really?”

The 40-year-old actress noted the only way she’d consider getting remarried is if an “amazing person” came along, however. she reiterated that she doesn’t see that happening “ever again.”

Though marriage may not be her focal point right now, La La said she doesn’t know what God has in store for her, but also made it clear that she is too booked and busy to accept “random energy.” 

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