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‘She’s Lying and He’s Proud’: La La Anthony Blushes During Failed Attempts to Deny Rumors of Dating Her Co-Star Da’Vinchi

“BMF” co-stars La La Anthony and Da’Vinchi sat down with Jason Lee for the third episode of “The Jason Lee Show.”

In a quick clip uploaded on Instagram, fans were able to see Lee hold nothing back as he asked Anthony if she would ever date a co-star, a question that would uncover information surrounding her and Da’Vinchi’s rumored relationship offscreen.

La La Got Her Groove Back!': La La Anthony's Recent Outing with 'BMF' Co-Star Da'Vinchi Ignites Dating Rumors
La La Anthony and Da’Vinchi. Photo:@davinchi/Instagram

“I mean assuming that you’re single,” Lee quickly added. 

Receiving the question coyly, Anthony looked at her co-star for backup, urging him to speak. 

“Why are you not saying anything,” she asked. “Let’s address the elephant in the room!”

Laughter from those behind the camera became noticeable as Da’Vinchi replied, “Nah, y’all having a conversation right now and I’m just listening.”

Finally addressing the rumors, Anthony revealed, “No, I wouldn’t date a co-star. I think it gets complicated when you work with somebody and you’re in a relationship with them, it’s very hard to separate the two.”

Before she could finish, Da’Vinchi interjected, telling Lee, “that answers your question.” However, fans were not buying Anthony’s answer.

“She lying they were at a basketball game holding hands.”

“Look at the body language between the two of them, she’s lying and he’s proud. I’m not mad at it.”

“Everyone saw her holding hands with him going to a game. She’s clearly blushing.”

Rumors began swirling about a possible romance between Anthony and Da’Vinchi back in May 2022 after they were spotted out hand-in-hand at a Mary J. Blige/Xscape concert. 

After photos circulated online, fans had mixed reactions due to the pair’s large age gap. While some questioned what the 40-something actress was doing with her 27-year-old cast mate, others compared Anthony to Angela Bassett in “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” and called out folks who had anything negative to say.

In November 2021, Anthony popped out and supported her co-star by attending his Broadway play “Thought Of A Colored Man,” written by playwright Keenan Scott II.

Though people have shared their mixed opinion, neither Anthony or Da’Vinchi acknowledged the rumors until Lee’s recent interview. 

Anthony has previously spoken out about the struggles of dating in this day and age. In an episode of the “Call Me Daddy” podcast, she explained that younger guys seem to be eager to pursue her. 

“This is how it goes, when you’re younger you want to date older guys. I’m not saying when you get older you want to date younger guys. But when you get older only younger guys want to date you. It’s the wildest thing, literally,” Anthony stated. 

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