‘I Went Overboard’: Blac Chyna Gets Demonic Tattoo Removed Weeks After Removing Her Implants and Face Fillers

Blac Chyna, aka Angela Renée White, is taking her “healing journey” to a whole new level after removing her butt implants and face fillers.

The former video vixen has now begun the process of removing tattoos that no longer speak to her new lifestyle, starting with a Baphomet tattoo on her hip and butt area.

“It gots to come off, you know what I mean? I’m not ’bout to have no mark of the beast or anything like that,” said White in an eight-minute video on Instagram. “But I will tell you this, When I first got the tattoo that is not what it meant to me.”

The Baphomet tattoo is a goat and representative of the devil and satanism.

Blac Chyna. (Photo: @blacchyna/Instagram.)

The 34-year-old model was joined in the video by her son, King, and daughter, Dream, as they set up a mattress in the back of her vehicle. White said she hired a driver to take the trio to Las Vegas, where she will have the tattoo removed.

The mother of two explained that she didn’t “want anything negative or demonic on my body anymore.” Viewers can see footage of the rapper shopping for snacks in the grocery store while singing “In the End” by Linkin Park.

In another eight-minute video, an artist at Clear Out Ink Laser Tattoo Removal shop can be seen going over the tattoo removal process with White. She was informed she would have to come back in eight weeks for another round of treatment.

Four minutes into the clip, she also removes two tattoos dedicated to her exes, Almighty Jay (“Jay [heart]”), and Tyga (“Stevenson”).

“Oh s—,” said White as the laser process began, describing her pain. At one point, she begins shaking, screaming, and what sounds like crying.

Celebrities like Keke Palmer, Lil Mama, Skai Jackson, Jozzy, and more shared supporting messages, noting how proud they were of White for her transformation.

“She really hit ‘FACTORY RESET’.”

“You look diff, in a great way.. you got that glow. God is good.”

“Anyone noticed she looks way more beautiful being natural..”

“At least she telling us the truth major respect for he for this.”

In her healing journey, Angela White has also gotten baptized and deleted her OnlyFans page, which she purportedly made a few million from. During a recent appearance on the “Way Up with Angela Yee” on March 27, White shared why she got removed “silicone injections” from her butt and fillers in her face.

“For me, I went overboard. Like it was too many fillers. It was too much like the lips were overly big. Even when I smiled, you couldn’t see my teeth like that.”

When asked what the main reason for her new journey was, White said, “Nothing that really happened. It was just like its time for it to come out.”

The “Black Hampton” star said she started working out and changing her diet, then noticed a change in the skin and bone structure in her face.

Elsewhere in the conversation, White talked about co-parenting with her children’s fathers, Tyga and Rob Kardashian. She also revealed that she landed three songs on the soundtrack to the movie “Secret Society 2: Never Enough.”

The entertainer is also making her way back to TV with a new reality series and her own show called “Cooking with Chyna,” featuring celebrity guests.

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