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Xscape Drama: Tamika Scott Drops Receipts To Support Claims That Her Sister LaTocha And Her Brother-In-Law Stole $30K, Exposes Anonymous ‘Threat Text’ Involving Her Sex Tape

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Xscape sisters Tamika and LaTocha Scott have heightened their family feud.

Their fallout has been at the center of the Bravo series, “SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B,” since it began airing this month, and things just got a bit juicer. The two have exchanged words, calling each other out on social media in the time since.

Earlier this week, LaTocha called Tamika a “liar” during an interview with the hosts of “Cocktails with Queens.” She denied stealing $30K in royalties from her younger sister and agreed to pay if she apologized.

Instead, Tamika hit back in a jaw-dropping video that seemingly provides receipts, contracts, and more to prove the claims against her big sister on March 29. In it, she doubles down on her allegation that LaTocha and her husband, Rocky Bivens, stole her money.

Xscape singer Tamika Scott exposes her sister LaTocha and her brother-in-law for allegedly stealing $30K in royalties and threatening to release her sex tape. (Photo: @therealtamikascott/YouTube Screenshot)

“Let me tell you something she’s not going to get an apology, and after I finish what I’m about to reveal, I don’t want an apology from her because I’m not vain like that. I’m not her. I don’t need an apology. I just need you to go somewhere and repent and ask God to forgive you and your husband.”

Tamika accused LaTocha and her brother-in-law of lying on her and her other group members and sending threatening text messages “from an anonymous number.”

“But then turn around and do a video and say the something that’s in the threat text,” Tamika stated. 

She claims the text also says something about fellow Xscape members Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Kandi Burruss that she chose not to repeat. She also explained how she dismissed several happenings over the years in order to protect her sister’s image.

“Because I wanted to be a family. I didn’t want to be an outcast. I didn’t want them not to love me anymore so I took a lot,” she expressed. “Not just off of them but also off my mom. So I do not want to be out here without love. So of course I let things ride.”

The 47-year-old now believes she is being blackmailed with a sex tape she willingly filmed in her 20s, which was mentioned in a screenshot of the “threat text.”

Tamika accused LaTocha and Rocky of trying to “extort” her, noting that she will not apologize for sharing her truth. Next, Tiny’s mother, Diane, joins the video to explain how she signed Xscape up for SoundExchange, a management company that collects royalties and gives them to the artist or rightful owner.

“I sent all the paperwork for Tamika, LaTocha, everybody. And Tamika told me when we filled out the paperwork — she was living in New York then — and I still have the paperwork and I filled it out and put her address. It was all in New York and everything.”

Rocky also did an interview with blogger Tasha K, where he revealed that the company messed up and was sending Tamika’s checks to LaTocha, and Tamika knew about it all.

Diane said her daughter Tiny got a “big check” the first time, followed by others. In order to find out why Tamika hadn’t received her checks, she and Diana called SoundExchange and spoke with a man named Joe Moe Grady.

“And he told her that her checks were going to Hampton, Georgia,” said Diane before stating that the checks were signed by LaTocha and her husband. 

Diane said Tamika refused to prosecute her family even though she was told that was the only way she could get her money back. 

Tamika said during the investigation, her sister changed her contract and placed her name on it to say she was Tamika’s manager. She then shared screenshots of a contract that proves names were changed from her information to LaTocha’s and clarified that it was multiple checks that equaled out to $30,000 in total. 

“I’m not tryna bury you. You just need to stop being out here saying these false things you can you and your husband,” said the “All of Me” singer. “These threats and everything else. It’s not gonna work.”

Tamika also addressed the sex tape that was mentioned in the “threat text.” She admitted she gave the tape to her sister to hold, but she was later told someone stole it out of LaTocha’s safe. 

“I’m like who got the code to the safe? She said only her and her husband. But somebody stole my tape?” Tamika wondered.

The mother of two went on to provide more receipts in the form of emails and encouraged LaTocha and her husband to leak the tape if they have it. “Go ahead and watch what God does.”

Tamik’s response went viral on social media, where fans expressed torn they were over Tamika and LaTocha’s ongoing feud.

“I’m happy Tamika is speaking her truth. This entire thing is crazy!”

“Believed her from the jump, but I do believe in handling family ties privately.”

“They are sisters! This is so sad. If this is what a taste of fame does… ion want it.”

Tamika ended the video by apologizing to fans for not showing a “life of forgiveness and love,” adding that she will not be addressing this matter any further.  

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