Is Xscape Singer Tamika Scott Still Estranged from Her Sister LaTocha Scott? Fans Think So Following Accusations LaTocha and Her Husband Stole $30K In Royalties

Xscape fans are hoping for a miracle in regard to sisters Tamika Scott and LaTocha Scott ending their family feud. The two singers have sung alongside each other their entire lives in church and in the popular ’90s singing group.

But there has been nothing but drama since appearing on season 1 of their Bravo reality show “SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B,” where Tamika accused her mother, Gloria, of having knowledge that her big sis and her brother-in-law Rocky Bivens stole $30,000 of Tamika’s royalties.

Xscape singer Tamika Scott on strained relationship with sister LaTocha Scott
Xscape singer Tamika Scott reflects on strained relationship with big sis LaTocha Scott. (Photos: @therealtamikascott/Instagram; @iamlatocha/Instagram)

In an exclusive interview with Atlanta Black Star, Tamika Scott reveals that practicing self-care has become an “essential” method she employs to handle the stress stemming from the estranged relationship with her sister and other stressful things in her life.

The “Soul Train Lady of Soul” recipient posted a clip of her conversation on her social media and captioned, “Self Care Is Essential To Have A Healthy Life!”

“An empty latern provides no light!” she continued, adding, “Self care is the fuse that allows your light to shine bright! Take out time for Self!! It’s not selfish it’s soul saving!!”

Many fans thanked the “Greatest Gift” singer for being so transparent and shared that they too need to take time out for themselves.

“Nothing like having peace and quiet,” a comment read, punctuating the sentence with the hallelujah hands emoji.

Amidst hundreds of hearts, fans just gushed about how Tamika’s words helped them. In one other clip of the video, she talked about how overwhelming it became filming the series combined with other things she had going on. She said at one point she had to “put the brakes on” to protect her own sanity.

“Everything just came with me at once,” she explained to Atlanta Black Star. “Sometimes you[r’e] the strong person and sometimes the strong person gets weak. And when you do, you[r’e] like, ‘I can handle this,’ but it broke me.”

Tamika then got emotional explaining that her “prayer closet” has also been a saving grace where she unleashes the weight of everything. “And that’s self-care as well.”

During the first season of the show, this explosive revelation not only hurt the sisters’ relationship, but it also impacted the group. LaTocha had left Xscape years ago, but she began reuniting with the ladies for major tour opportunities in 2017.

Viewers watched the obvious tension between the ladies as well as LaTocha and Kandi Burruss’ longtime feud. After the season ended, LaTocha landed her first solo record deal and released a gospel album and a Christmas album last year.

LaTocha also decided not to tour under the group’s name but didn’t want the ladies to either after sending a letter to “SWV & Xscape” show executive producer Mona Scott-Young regarding Scott-Young’s Monami Entertainment Group and Live Nation.

There is speculation that LaTocha may have tried to stop them from using the name, which she and her sister trademarked, to tour. Scott-Young said, “It’s over,” when the group appeared on “The Breakfast Club” with Charlamagne Tha God, Jess Hilarious, and DJ Envy.

According to Tameka “Tiny” Harris, the letter was “more of a scare tactic, and again, it didn’t work. We kind of already knew our rights.”

When Charlamagne inquired about how it impacted the personal relationship with the group, Tiny said that there is really no “personal” relationship, adding, “We don’t really speak. I don’t even think we have her number.”

Charlamagne pushed more and asked how that works when group members are also sisters, and Tamika said, “Life is good.”

“You know sometimes you have to separate in order for certain people to know your worth, and until they know it, you just be separated,” she explained. “But life goes on.”

“When you’re not in the wrong you don’t feel no guilt,” she added.

Fans on social media said that they thought it was good that Tamika is prioritizing her personal wellness as they empathized with her over the rift she has with her sister.

“Sometimes you have to love people from a distance,” one person offered, as someone else replied, “Especially family when they play in your face.”

Another commenter said, “Siblings and rivalry runs deep and it’s really avoided as conversation because accepting the truth is always tossed to the side….ijs.”

A fourth added, “Tamika, your sister christmas album have a song on there, that I think is for you. It’s called ‘if the world can see’ give it a listen, and heal ya’ll sisterhood without everyone’s opinion. I pray you are Tocha get through this. I know you both miss each other.”

One individual took a different approach and wrote, “God is and he will heal this situation.”

One of the ways that the “Understanding” singer says she relaxes is to unwind, detach and be in the moment.

It was at that time Tamika had to “step back and” realize she needed to practice “self-care,” she explains.

She said now she takes “walks in the park or I’ll go get my feet done or get massages,” before describing how her routine has subtly changed.

“I would get my toes done, but I’m always on the phone taking care of business,” Tamika said. “Now, I turn their phone off and I’m like let me just relax, and just get my mind together. So, I’ll get the massage.”

When at home, she practices this sacred time by going into her “prayer closet” and spending time with God.

She said it is “a place where you can, you know, talk to God and just clear your mind and just sit.”

The “SWV & Xscape” reality show has been renewed for a second season. It is unclear if the entire Xscape group will be present for the filming. As of now, there are only three members from the original quartet.

LaTocha is now a solo artist, promoting her Christmas album and other ventures. She has not spoken on her family’s issue but she recently deleted all of her IG posts except one which features photos of her after and during a radio interview.

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