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‘The Same Voice That Has Accomplished More Than You’: Kandi Burruss Calls Fellow Xscape Member LaTocha Scott ‘Corny’ for Making Fun of Her Voice

Kandi Burruss spoke on a number of hot topics that have been circulating in the media in this week’s episode of her “Speak On It” YouTube series.

Fans got a kick out of the singer and her Xscape group member, LaTocha Scott, shading each other on the Bravo series, “SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B.”

Kandi Burruss (left) and LaTocha Scott (right). (Photos: @kandi/Instagram @iamlatocha/Instagram.)

In the most recent episode that aired on March 26, both groups met and agreed to co-headline an upcoming show. Burruss, Scott, and Coko of SWV met in the studio during one scene to discuss song lists.

In her video, Burruss revealed there was a “back and forth” between her and LaTocha after Coco left. “I was crying and she was looking at me like a cold-hearted b——, y’all.’ 

She said it was filmed but never shown on the show and disputed Scott’s allegations that she tells production to delete certain scenes. “That is not true,” said Burruss.

“Tocha and I had this whole back-and-forth, which I still don’t understand why they didn’t put it in there. Because I feel like a lot of things were said that would have made some good TV.”

The 46-year-old went on to share that more was taken out of the show, and when she addressed producers about it, they told her they could not show “the back-and-forth” because it was about things that had not yet aired on the show. 

After going over the tension with LaTocha for the umpteenth time, Burruss then addressed Scott’s remarks in a recent video she titled “LATOCHA SPEAKS,” where Scott took a few jabs at Burruss’ vocal skills. 

“Tocha actually made a joke about my voice in her video — in her ‘Speak on it,’” Burruss laughed. “Now, this is the part that is really like corny of her to me. You are trying to clown a person’s voice whose voice is leading on half the hits that is your claim to fame.”

“The biggest hit that you’ve ever been on, which is ‘Just Kickin’,’ is the voice that you’ve been clowning,” she stated.

The Grammy-winning singer and songwriter continued to defend her music catalog, which consists of No. 1 hits on the R&B, hip-hop, and gospel charts. She then called out Scott for clowning another group member even though they’ve performed together onstage for decades. 

“But you on yo’ video trying to make jokes about my voice. The same voice who has accomplished more than you with your amazing voice that you try to put out,” said Burruss.

The mother of three encouraged fans to listen to Scott’s new music and buy her upcoming gospel album, “The Invitation: A Conversation With God,” before she jokingly said, “Her conversation with God must only be about me.” 

Burruss added, “God knows I don’t want to sing with her.”

Elsewhere during the interview, her husband Todd Tucker joined in to discuss their run-in with Tamar Braxton and her fiancé, Jeremy “JR” Robinson, last week. It all began after Braxton admitted during a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” the she was referring to Burruss and Tucker as the Atlanta couple that allegedly threatened her.

In the midst of their exchange, the “Love & War” singer alleges that Tucker looked to her and said, “You know what it is,” in a threatening manner.

Burruss claims her husband was talking to her when he uttered those words in order to get her to calm down. She explained that there were dozens of people around who attempted to have her and Braxton continue their heated discussion in a private room.

“He was like, ‘Kandi, stop. You already know what it is, stop!’ That’s what he was saying to me, he was not saying it to her.”

Tucker said he’s never had an issue with Tamar and has always been cool with her. He also confirmed he was speaking to Burruss, and insists he had a “calm” conversation with Robinson even though Braxton claims Tucker was “checked” by her man.

“Y’all, he ain’t check nobody,” said Burruss.

“SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B” airs Sundays on Bravo at 8 p.m. ET.

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