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‘Y’all Need to Leave L.A.’: Rihanna’s Driver’s Car Reportedly Stolen Outside of Her Home, Jhené Aiko’s Car Stolen from Valet at a Restaurant 

R&B singers Rihanna and Jhené Aiko were both targeted by car thieves in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Both incidents are currently being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Rihanna (left) and Jhene Aiko (right) (Photos: @badgalriri/Instagram, @jheneaiko/Instagram.)

According to TMZ, a 2012 Audi sedan belonging to RiRi’s driver was parked by her L.A. home last week when the stunt occurred.

The driver told authorities he left the keys in the ignition and had the car running as he ran into the house to grab something quickly.

When he came back outside, the keys and his vehicle were gone. It has not been revealed whether or not the Grammy-winning artist was home.

In the meantime, Rihanna may have some work, work, work, work, work, work she needs to do to beef up her security.

Last week, a man was apprehended at her home by security after approaching her property. He reportedly traveled all the way from South Carolina to Los Angeles to ask the soon-to-be mother of two for her hand in marriage.

Police initially handcuffed him but had to let him go as he had not trespassed or broken any laws.

Meanwhile, Jhené Aiko’s incident also took place this month in Los Angeles, with this one reportedly happening on a Saturday when the singer went to grab a bite to eat at Tasty Noodle House.

TMZ also reports that the “Stay Ready” vocalist and her family arrived at the restaurant around 8:30 p.m. Before going inside, she handed the valet keys to park her white 2020 Range Rover.

The outlet said 30 minutes went by before Aiko noticed someone driving away from the restaurant in her car. She was not alarmed at first, assuming the individual moving her vehicle was the valet person.

But later, the mother of two realized that her vehicle was never returned. Police were called, but the car thief’s identity is currently unknown.

Fans reacted to the news about the singers saying, “Damn jhené car stolen & rihanna had a random at her house. yall need to leave L.A because what’s going on there,” and “Why are people messing with Rihanna so much recently? And also, why they messing with Jhene?!”

No arrests have been made in either case, and there is no trace of Jhené’s Range Rover at the moment.

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