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‘That’s When The Line is Drawn’: Sparks Fly Between Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burrus After Braxton Identifies RHOA Star and Todd Tucker as the Couple Who Threatened Her Months Ago 

Tamar Braxton is clearing the air about the rift between her and Kandi Burrus and Todd Tucker.

The singer made headlines in December when she publicly claimed that she was threatened by a peach, alluding to a member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and the person’s husband.

While fans have speculated about who the couple is, they remained a mystery until Braxton’s recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” where she was asked to reveal their identities.

Tamar Braxton, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker. (Photos: @tamarbraxton/Instagram, @kandi/Instagram)

Cohen guessed that Eva Marcille and her husband, Michael Sterling, were the couple, but Braxton quickly shut him down. “It was not, and it really did happen, and I’m not lying, and I’m not looking for attention or drama, or anything like that. That s—t really did happen, and it’s not cute,” she said.”

Cohen then incorrectly guessed it was Drew Sidora and her now-estranged husband, Ralph Pittman. After confirming that the housewife was a full-time peach holder, the franchise creator said, “It’s not Kandi,” which prompted “The Braxton Family Values” star to coyly sip her drink with a smirk on her face, confirming it was Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker.

The moment reignited conversations about the reality star and the restaurateur’s past beef and Braxton’s reputation for being associated with drama. The latter publicly addressed the backlash during a March 20 Instagram Live.

“I can’t help if somebody asks me a question, you know. And I can’t help the chains of events that actually really honestly, truly happened,” explained the “Love and War” singer.

Braxton went on to explain that Burruss was offended when she seemingly sided with Carlos King after the “RHOA” cast member claimed that King and his producing partners tried to steal Xscape’s life story for a movie.

In a since-deleted Instagram Story, Braxton reposted a video of her performing, which was originally shared by King, along with a caption that read, “My friend @carlosking who don’t have to steal nobody NOTHING. I [heart emoji] you.”

However, in Braxton’s recollection, she did not take sides. She boasted that she is a five-time Emmy Award winning journalist who publicly remained neutral about a situation that did not pertain to her.

But the two artists nearly came to blows several weeks after the viral social post sparked tensions. The former “The Real” co-host claimed that Burruss confronted her over the remarks. When tensions escalated, she said Tucker stepped in.

“Then Toddina comes out and like he comes and gets her, and he says something to her. And then he looks at me in my face, and y’all can believe this s—t or not, n—ga look at me in my face and go [looks her up and down], ‘You know what it is,’” she claimed.

“Now, this is a dude, I don’t care — y’all done seen me grow up on ‘The Braxtons,’ y’all done seen me go at it with my sisters. … But the truth is, in real life, I’m really a peaceful person,” continued the four-time Grammy nominated vocalist. “When it comes to dudes in another woman’s face to physically threaten them and to harm them, that’s when the line is drawn.”

The “Queens Court” participant’s new beau, Jeremy “JR” Robinson, then chimed in, “That was a coward move and it shouldn’t have happened. And I addressed it with him; I spoke to him about it, and he immediately apologized. But an apology after the fact is bull—t.”

Reactions from fans ranged from those who wrote:

“Kandi always been a problem.”

“Now you know referring to that man as Toddina is only going to add fuel to the flames. If you really want to let it go, you could’ve told the story without the disrespect. Especially after your man has already addressed it and he apologized.”

In hindsight, Braxton did acknowledge that she wishes she had kept the matter offline, but in that moment she was angry and felt defenseless after her encounter with Tucker.

Seeing how the story has unfolded from the “Big Brother” winner’s perspective, Burruss seemingly responded with a scene from “Addams Family Values,” In it, Wednesday refuses to help a camp mate who will forever be a victim. Fans deduced that Braxton was the “victim.”

The solo singer hit back in her Instagram Story writing, “I AM THE VICTIM WHEN YOUR MAN STEPS TO a WOMAN!! Sounds like an abused woman to me to see nothing wrong that!! I hope he’s not beating your a—…I pray for your healing.”

Burruss responded in her own Instagram Story that she would address the “negative tea” at a later time.

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