‘But It’s Crickets for Damson’: Trevor Jackson Defends ‘Grown-Ish’ Co-Star Chlöe Bailey After She Faces Criticism for Steamy Sex Scene In ‘Swarm’

Trevor Jackson is anything but tight-lipped about the criticism his “grown-ish” co-star Chlöe Bailey faced for her steamy sex scene in Donald Glover’s new series “Swarm.” 

The 26-year-old entertainer had a mouthful to say when speaking to TMZ at LAX on Monday, March 20, Jackson labeled Bailey’s critics as “bored” while sending support to the “Have Mercy” singer. 

Trevor Jackson (left) and Chloe Bailey (right) (Photos: @trevorjackson5/Instagram, @chloebailey/Instagram)

“I haven’t seen it yet, but I mean it’s art,” the “Superfly” actor said. 

“I support Chloe in any and everything that she does. She’s an amazing person and she’s an artist. She can do whatever she wants, whatever she feels led to do,” he continued. “You know, it’s her life and she’ll always have my support.” 

During the interview, Jackson was also asked about the constant comparison between the “Pray It Away” songstress and her 22-year-old sister Halle, who will soon be seen on the big screen portraying Ariel in the live-action film “The Little Mermaid.” 

The “Just Friends” singer said that there’s “no one way to do life,” and advised the sisters to zone the haters out and keep shining. 

“Being in the position that they’re in and under a microscope, every move they make, uh, can sometimes be unfair,” he said. “But my advice to them is don’t pay attention to anything outside of yourself.”

Jackson said, “At the end of the day, you guys are powerful and beautiful. I love you guys, and I’ll support you forever.” 

He added that everything the “Fighting Temptations” star does “comes from a pure place and her heart is made of gold.”

Bailey recently made headlines for her steamy scene with her “Swarm” co-star Damson Idris, who also plays her love interest. The hot and heavy clip made rounds on various social media platforms and while Bailey seemed to receive a lot of negative backlash for it, her British colleague did not. 

What some perceive to be a double standard did not go unnoticed as fans expressed their outrage for Bailey’s fictional action in comparison to the praise Idris received for doing an intimate scene with the 24-year-old.

“Y’all bashing chloe bailey for having a sex scene as if damson idris wasn’t in it too. Double standards go crazy…”

“Everyone coming at Chloe for the s3x scene but it’s crickets for Damson, double standards is crazy.” 

“Y’all were dragging Chloe for Swarm when y’all should’ve been dragging Damson for using the same accent he does in Snowfall for a Black man from Houston!”


In a recent interview with Deadline, Bailey admitted to having anxiety once she realized accepting the role meant doing a sex scene. While Beyoncé’s protégé admitted her reservations, she credited the “Snowfall” actor for making her feel as comfortable as possible. 

“I have to give a lot of kudos to him as a man for making me as a woman feel comfortable, literally raw and naked,” she said.

Bailey even revealed in a conversation with HipHollywood that Idris cracked jokes throughout the scene to help ease her nerves. 

Fans can binge all seven episodes of “Swarm” now on Amazon Prime Video.

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