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‘I Can’t Tell If That’s Ashanti Or Not’: Fans Confused After Ashanti Posts Unrecognizable Bikini Pics

Ashanti continues to live her best life, showing off her natural face and body on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, or is she?

The “Foolish” singer uploaded beautiful photos of herself on her Instagram page, where she can be seen rocking a sequin-like bikini. Her hair was pulled back into a slicked ponytail, and she went for a natural no makeup look.

Three out of five of Ashanti’s photos were taken in one swimming pool, while her final two were taken while she stood around another.

Ashanti’s recent bikini pictures has fans suggesting she looks different. (Photo:@ashanti/Instagram)

“Blues,” she wrote as the caption for her upload. 

The 42-year-old’s portraits received over 413,000 likes, with over 6,700 comments from fans who couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked. 

Miami rapper Trina even dropped by Ashanti’s comment section and left an array of heart eyes. 

“….chillin’ with no make up on, that’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope you don’t take it wrong,” wrote one fan, who quoted a song lyric from Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.”

However, once The Neighborhood Talk re-posted her photo on their Instagram feed, there were a few comments that suggested Ashanti didn’t look like her normal self. 

“Somethings different.” 

“Her nose looks smaller.” 

“I must be high as alien nuts because I can’t tell if that’s Ashanti or not, the deeper I look the more confused I get. She’s pretty regardless.”

“Oh girl I’m ready to argue on here for….who wanna fight ?”

While Ashanti has claimed to be all-natural, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon begs to differ.

Dr. Daniel Barrett uploaded a TikTok video back in 2021 suggesting the “Coach Carter” actress had “a bit of work done.”

As the clip opened up, viewers can see Barrett comparing a photo of Ashanti from her early 20s to a more recent photo of the then 40-year-old. 

“In my mind, there is no way for her breast to go from this to this without a breast augmentation,” he said. “Her nose is noticeably thinner in this after photo over here.”

Though Barrett recognized that Ashanti is older he still claimed that the “point prominence” of her nose isn’t a natural effect of her slimness. 

“Furthermore, she also has a really sculpted body,” the surgeon said before blaming it on altered photos. 

He ended the video by comparing Ashanti’s stomach in the two photos, implying that her “stretched” belly button meant she underwent either a tummy tuck or liposuction. 

While the Grammy Award-winner never addressed Barrett’s claims, she has previously given fans insight into how she maintains her tip-top shape regularly with colonics.

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