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‘Does the Body Come with the Bikini?’: Ashanti Flaunts Her Curves In New Bikini Pics, Fans Urge Her to Start a Swimsuit Line

Recent photos of Ashanti in a bathing suit have fans urging the singer to come up with her own swimwear line. 

The Queen of Vacations” is back in the Bahamas, where she flaunted her curves in a blue animal print bikini with a long sheer-like cover-up hanging from her arms. Ashanti’s photos screamed “body-ody” as her skin glistened from the sun’s reflection. “Bahama Mama,” the 42-year-old captioned her photo. 

Ashanti. (Photo: @ashanti/Instagram.)

Over 338,000 fans liked the three new images the “Foolish” singer posted, and over 5,800 comments expressed how stunning the R&B Princess looked. 

“When I tell you hunty [heart eyes] You are by far the most beautifulest woman alive”

“Ashanti be killing it!”

Since Ashanti is seemingly always on extravagant getaways, mostly to the Caribbean, fans suggested she could make an additional income as a swimsuit designer. 

“Girl, you coming out with a swim line or what?!?”

“We need a swimsuit line please!”

“Drop a swimsuit line!”

“Does the body come with the biikini.”

A swimsuit line is only one of the various ideas fans want to see Ashanti create. Her jaw-dropping body made fans insist she come up with a workout routine to help people stay in shape just like her. 

In an interview with, Ashanti gave insight into how she maintains her stone-cold body. 

She told the magazine, “I’m going to be honest with you. This may be TMI but a great colonic does wonders. Wonders, I promise you.”

A colonic is used to “flush out large portions of bowel systems,” according to the National Women’s Health Network (NWHN). During this procedure, a tube is inserted into a person’s rectum, where water is then added along with additional ingredients to help flush large feces. Once that is done, a doctor will then massage one’s abdomen. Lastly, that said person will sit on the toilet to let go of any access excrement. 

Some other names for this process are “colon hydrotherapy,” or “colonic hydrotherapy.” 

In addition to colonics, Ashanti also credited squats and fresh foods with how she keeps her body in shape. 

“Colonics and squats and cut out fried food.” She explained. 

With a body as fierce as the “Happy” singer’s, it’s no wonder she’s been able to bag so many men in the industry, including her most famous ex Nelly. 

Though they are no longer together, Ashanti and Nelly have recently sparked fans’ interest in seeing a possible romantic reunion, especially after fans witnessed their undeniable chemistry during the “Under the Mistletoe” concert back in Dec. 2022.

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