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‘Did She Do Surgery?’: Fans Confused After Ashanti Posts Unrecognizable SnapShot

It seems Ashanti‘s striking beauty is leaving fans with a few questions of their own.

The “Foolish” singer showed up and showed out per usual on the ‘Gram this week, but this time with an up-close beauty shot of her face. Her makeup was slayed, including a full face of foundation, deep purples eyeshadows on her eyelids and a nude lippie.

She seemingly took the selfie with her phone camera within the comforts of her L.A. hotel and captioned the Instagram post with a purple heart, accumulating over 41,000 likes.

Ashanti. @ashanti/Instagram

Although fans showered her post with a slew of compliments, there were a few others who seemed to be thrown off by her looks, claiming she looked like a completely different person. Some felt Ashanti was wearing a little too much makeup while others speculated she’d underwent cosmetic surgery.

“This doesn’t even look like her 😫. A lil too much makeup or filtering.”

“Pretty but I almost didn’t recognize you !!”

“This doesn’t look like you but beautiful pic. Looks different but still gorgeous 💗.”

“Who is this?? Did she do surgery or it’s the makeup?? She looks so different 😫😫.”

Ashanti has never personally addressed whether or not she had plastic surgery done, but she is however often praised for having natural curves and a slim physique.

Ashanti. @ashanti/Instagram

The “Good Good” singer did however say she works hard staying in shape, saying she’s big on eating healthy and exercising regularly. She told People magazine in April she follows a mostly pescatarian diet and cut out the majority of her meat intake.

“I cut out a lot of meat,” she said. “I think again, self-health and self-awareness are so important. All of that stuff is so important to maintaining your body, knowing what’s in your food, the GMOs and the chemicals, and I’m super aware of this stuff.”

Her lifestyle change has caused her to switch to natural deodorants, toothpastes and other products. She admitted, “I’m kind of a weirdo with that stuff,” adding that it’s part of her approach to health.

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