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‘Then Give the Privilege to Me, Sis’: Meagan Good Says ‘Pretty Privilege’ Put Her Into a ‘Box’ Where the Industry Wouldn’t Take Her Seriously

If the term “it girl” was around back in the day, Meagan Good would have definitely fallen into the category. However, in a recent interview, Good revealed how her attractiveness sometimes limited her acting career.

Meagan Good
Meagan Good talks about the downside of pretty privilege. (Photo: @meagangood/Instagram)

While currently on a press tour for the upcoming superhero sequel “Shazam! Fury of the Gods,” Good spoke to the outlet Cocoa Butter, which shared a snippet of their conversation on Tiktok.

In the clip, Good discussed how continuously being cast as a male lead’s love interest placed her into a “box” where no one saw her as anything else.

“Through my 20s I kind of played like a lot of the pretty girl love interest or the sexy girl whatever,” she continued, “then you know at a certain point I was like, ‘Hi, guys, I can do so much more than that,’ and the attitude was like ‘No, no, just be pretty.’” 

As she’s gotten older, Good explained that she had to learn how to overcome typecasting without becoming “bitter” or “upset.”

“You hear other people’s experiences and someone will discredit yours because they think that ‘Oh well, that buys you certain privileges.’ But it also does work against you as well,” she shared. 

Good then gave an example of how pretty privilege can negatively affect a professional setting if someone who is in a “position of power” is attracted to their employee. 

“It’s like, you know, like, ahh, if I just like shut this down a certain kind of way then they don’t want to work with you, or they want to say that you’re this, you’re that and so, then you kind of like, ‘What are you talking about?’ Like, ‘I just told you that went over my head,’” the actress said. 

Despite her struggle in the industry, the “Harlem” star believes that no career that a person truly wants to pursue is going to be a smooth-sailing ride.

“I’m like, look, something comes with it no matter what side of the spectrum or no matter how you’re experiencing it,” Good explained. “Nothing that we’re trying to pursue is just easy.”

Good’s interview clip was obtained by The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram, where fans penned up their own beliefs about her statements. 

“Then give the privilege to me sis. I’ll take it off you”

“I mean it’s not like she’s some outstanding oscar worthy actress”

“But baby always been an actress with range, she can’t help she pretty”

Good has been in the acting world since she was just 5 years old but booked her first movie role at 13, starring in the 1995 hit film “Friday.” 

Throughout her time in the industry, Good has acted as love interests for Tyrese Gibson in “Waist Deep,” Columbus Short in “Stomp The Yard,” and Bow Wow in “Roll Bounce.”

Now, fans can check Good out as superhero Darla in the film, “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” on March 17.

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