‘I Had No Clue’: Fans React After Lisa Raye McCoy Says She and Benzino Made a ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ Hit Before Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Lisa Raye McCoy may have just opened up a door for Beyoncé fans to bombard her comment section after shading her and Jay-Z in a recent interview. 

In honor of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, the “Single Ladies” actress stopped by Hot 97, where she pinpointed the exact moment she fell in love with the popular musical genre.

Lisa Raye Benzino
Lisa Raye shares a throwback photo of her and rapper Benzino after their performance at The Apollo. (Photo:@therealeaye1/Instagram.)

“I like the rhyming thing, and so you know anything that got that great music and beat,” she said. “Rhythm behind it that make you bob your head, you like ‘Hey, this is different.’” 

McCoy continued to note that seeing the girl group Salt-N-Pepa make their mark in a male-dominated industry inspired her to test out her musical talents. 

“I remember seeing and feeling the female vibe with them. You know it’s like ‘Women are doing it too? Girl power.’ You know I felt that, and they had messages in their songs.”

Because of their impact, McCoy decided to branch into music. During her conversation, she reminisced about her old record “Would You” with rapper Benzino and Mario Winans. 

“I remember doing Apollo and I was clean,” she said.   

McCoy’s face lit up while thinking about fans’ excitement as she took the stage, however, her expression quickly turned to a raised eyebrow and pursed lips after she discussed where the idea of the song stemmed from. 

“It was the new Bonnie and Clyde, before Jay-Z and Beyoncé, OK? Get into it, OK?” she said. 

Fans couldn’t believe McCoy embarked on a short-lived music career and stated their shock in Hot 97’s comment section.

“I had no idea,” one comment read.  

“Would You” and the Carter’s hit song, “‘03 Bonnie & Clyde,” were both released in 2007, and though McCoy’s song might have been released first, Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s collaboration peaked at No. 4 on Billboard Hot 100, while hers didn’t make as much noise.  

“‘03 Bonnie & Clyde” was one of many song collabs Jay-Z and Beyoncé have done together. They’ve also created dance hits like “Crazy In Love” and “Drunk In Love.”

In 2018, they made a joint album titled, “EVERYTHING IS LOVE,” which featured hits like “APES**T,” “FRIENDS,” and “HEARD ABOUT US.” 

As of now, McCoy has been safe from the BeyHive, but only time will tell when they’ll become aware of her statement.

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