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‘Mane, Lisa Raye Been Fine Her Whole Life’: Fans Say LisaRaye McCoy Hasn’t Aged a Bit Since Her Diamond Days on ‘The Players Club’

LisaRaye McCoy made a name for herself after portraying Diana “Diamond” Armstrong in the famous 1998 film “The Players Club,” but fans want to know when she will get her well-deserved big break

The Neighborhood Talk uploaded two videos of McCoy showing off her acting skills in the ALLBLK soap opera series “A House Divided.” The 55-year-old has returned for her fourth season as Alexis in the Daytime Emmy-nominated show about the wealthy and esteemed Sanders family.

While many fans credited the television show for being good, a few commentators suggested that McCoy should be a more prominent actress than where her career seemingly is now.

“Can we get her [McCoy] in some big budget movies, it’s loooooonnnnnnngggggggggggggg overdue.”

LisaRaye McCoy
LisaRaye McCoy. (Photo: @therealraye1/Instagram)

However, that comment and a few more were disputed by others who claimed McCoy isn’t very good at acting.

“Diamond can’t act! There I said it,” wrote one person. It was met with a follow-up commentator who said, “That’s why she never really get real acting gigs. She always in those low-budget movies.”

Yet, between her days as Diamond and now, many are still blown away by the 55-year-old’s ageless beauty.

“Lisa Raye ain’t never not gone be fine. Yes.. ‘never not.'”

“Mane Lisa Raye Been Fine Her Whole Life , I swear.”

“Lisa Raye is still so gorgeous.”

For someone who fans think can’t act, McCoy has earned dozens of acting credits, including one of her most notable roles as Neesee James in the sitcom “All of Us,” which aired on the CW network formerly known as UPN. She also starred in VH1’s “Single Ladies,” and has another reoccurring role in BET’s “The Family Business.”

In a 2019 episode of “Unsung” centered on Raye’s journey, she admitted she left her acting career for a few after marrying her ex-husband, former Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick. Raye explained that after their wedding she dropped her acting career to become a full-time wife and first lady in Turks and Caicos. 

“When we got married I had one more season of All of Us. I was going back and forth every weekend and it was killing me,” she explained. 

“I had to commit to be this newfound first lady and this new wife. So, I felt my career, and I was a full-time wife and first lady in Turks and Caicos Islands.”  

During her time in Turks and Caicos, Raye mentioned how lonely it was because “I have no friends, I have no family, I have no career.”

After McCoy separated from Misick, she moved back to the United States and embarked on a new journey with her own reality TV show, “LisaRaye McCoy: The Real McCoy,” which lasted for two seasons.

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