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‘That Was a Sad Ass Comment’: LisaRaye Slammed After ‘Nappy Hair’ Comment Comparing Blue Ivy to Her Granddaughter

LisaRaye McCoy is catching heat for an unnecessary comment she made about Blue Ivy‘s hair. It all started after fans dug up old tweets from rapper and influencer Saucy Santana, who referred to Blue’s hair as “nappy.” The tweets were discussed on an episode of Fox Soul’s “Cocktails with Queens” series that premiered on Tuesday, June 14.

“I think…y’all don’t know what I want to think,” said the actress before co-host Vivica A. Fox interjected, yelling, “I do.”

LisaRaye McCoy takes holiday photos with her granddaughter, Baby Bella, on Instagram. (Photo: @thereallraye1/Instagram.)

“You know I do,” added fellow co-host Claudia Jordan, who sipped from a wine glass. “Here we go. Let me get my little cheap wine cooler.”

Fox then asked LisaRaye how she would feel if Santana made the same comments about her 5-year-old granddaughter, who she calls “Baby Bella” on Instagram.

“He couldn’t say that about Baby Bella because she doesn’t have nappy hair,” she replied. Fox followed up saying, “Does it make a difference? It’s a child.”

LisaRaye continued on voicing her opinion, adding that Blue’s parents, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, couldn’t care less about Santana’s “nappy” comment. When asked how she would have handled it, she said, “First of all it would automatically make me go ‘Who the hell?’ and ‘Who are you? You don’t know me. You don’t know her’ and I would have took it there. Because I don’t think that they care that much. I don’t think they care about his comment really. To be honest.”

Fellow co-host and singer Syleena Johnson remained quiet during the conversation but it’s evident she, Fox and Jordan were shocked by LisaRaye’s point of view. Jordan chimed back in, noting that, “Saying Blue Ivy has nappy hair is very ridiculous A. And B the child is doing 99.9 percent better than people in America.”

The Neighborhood Talk shared a clip from the “Cocktails With Queens” episode on Instagram. A number of fans in the comments strongly disagreed with LisaRaye’s comments just as much as they disagree with adults speaking about children on a televised show.

“Grown ppl too comfortable speaking on little kids.

“That was a sad ass comment! Smhh”

“Ignorance LEAVE BLUE TF Alone!!! She richer than all of y’all anyway.”

“She low-key agreeing with Santana.”

“The way Claudia looked when Lisa said that lmaoooo. She like wtf.”


“This is embarrassing,” said many as they watched a Black woman seemingly agreeing with an unwarranted comment about a 10-year-old. A few even accused LisaRaye of being a “colorist.”

“They is no such thing as ‘nappy’ hair. We as a community gotta do better,” said one person.

Another wrote, “Leaving your kids hair natural and left out is how it grows so long and strong. Y’all be living by Eurocentric standards.”

A third social media user said, “Lisa Raye made it worse. IDK but she gives me very much colorist. Why do Black ppl love calling natural hair nappy?!”

Meanwhile, others felt they needed to put the acting veteran in her place and remind her of her most famous role on the ’90s cult-classic, “The Players Club.”

“Dollar dollar bill come get her,” wrote two individuals in the comments. Another individual said, “Baby she must’ve fell doing those pole tricks on ‘Players Club’ and just now feeling the effects because she been saying some wild [s–t emoji] lately.

A fourth said, “Lisaaaaa don’t make Beyoncé have you back at that pole!!!!!”

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