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‘Crazy How Far These People Will Go’: Omarion Goes on ‘Dr. Phil’ to Clear the Air About a Woman Who Was Catfished Into Believing They Were Engaged, Alleges She Sent Him $4,500

Omarion speaks out, urging fans to “be smart” after a woman claimed she was engaged to the former B2K singer.

The woman admitted to sending someone who claimed to be Omarion around $4,500 within the past two years. 

In a new episode of “Dr. Phil,” a woman named Simone was a featured guest brought on by her friend out of frustration due to her alleged relationship with the Grammy-nominated artist.

While Simone was initially taken aback by the news, she also admitted wanting to “find out the truth” about her so-called fiancé.

After seeing a preview of the segment on Dr. Phil’s Instagram page, Omarion, 38, decided to re-post it onto his IG story and write, “Be smart family.”

Omarion urges fans to be careful after a catfish scammed his fan out of $4500. @omarion/Instagram

“So many people have stories saying they spoke with me online. I don’t take advantage of people. I respect and appreciate people who support me,” he penned.

During the newest episode, Simone revealed that she began talking to the Omarion imposter in 2020 through text messages and phone calls, however, the two never met. The Omarion catfish even tried charging Simone $3,000 to meet and marry him.

According to Simone, she also paid $300 to join a “fan club” membership but never received an official “fan club card.”

Omarion’s manager and CEO of “Omarion Worldwide,” Michelle Le Fleur, appeared on the episode to set the record straight by confirming that the person Simone was talking to was not her celebrity crush. 

“Simone, that’s not happening,” Le Fleur said. 

The “Post to Be” artist even came on the show via pre-recorded video, where he addressed the claims that were placed upon him.

“It’s crazy how far these people will go to convince and manipulate my fans to think that they are actually with me,” he said. 

Omarion continued, “I’m so sorry Simone, I haven’t been speaking with you online and we are not in a relationship. You haven’t sent me any money. I want everyone to be aware that if someone is online claiming to be me, and asking for money, that you are not speaking with me. I will not do that.”

The superstar ended his video with Dr. Phil stating, “I am passionate about all of my supporters, so please be careful and mindful about who you are speaking with online.”

After watching the superstar’s PSA video, Simone confessed feeling “happy” that she now knows the truth and can officially move on from the catfished relationship.
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