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‘She Did Doing What Tami Roman Did’: Malaysia Pargo Fans Support Her Departure from ‘Basketball Wives’ Over Jennifer Williams’ Hurtful Comment

Malaysia Pargo is closing the door on her “Basketball Wives” journey.

The 42-year-old mom of three joined the Los Angeles edition of the popular VH1 series back in 2011 until it ended in 2016. She returned on the original series during its 2017 revival.

But after a recent fallout with Jennifer Williams at Jackie Christie’s Ponderosa, Pargo is confidently making her exit. Last week, Williams revealed unfortunate news about Pargo’s home in Atlanta being in foreclosure. 

Malaysia Pargo (left) and Jennifer Williams (right). (Photos: @jenniferwilliams/Instagram, @vanityworld10/Instagram.)

In this week’s episode that aired on Feb. 27, the ladies continued having discussions and debates about the big reveal and whether or not it was appropriate at the moment

“There was nothing to be remorseful about. I don’t care what the scenario is,” Williams told Christie during their sit-down. 

Christie attempted to explain how wrong she was for revealing Pargo’s information and encouraged her to be respectful of each other when in a room together.

Throughout the entire episode, the ladies continued bringing up Pargo’s name and her exchange with Williams in different settings.  

The CEO of Vanity World clothing later met with Christie and Duffey toward the end of the episode, where she stated that she wished Christie hadn’t pushed Williams so hard to reveal what she said. 

“I’m not mad at you because I know who you are and I know that you did force the issue, but I wish you wouldn’t have,” said Pargo.  

The reality star said she’s OK with never speaking to Williams again, “So we should just let it be.” 

In her confessional, producers asked Pargo if she felt she needed to “Jennifer’s gossip,” to which she laughed and replied, “Nope, that’s why I’m not.” 

She then dropped the bomb that she would not be coming around the ladies anymore, which surprised and shocked Duffey and Christie into silence.  

“Definitely not coming around that group of people,” she said when Christie asked for clarification. “Permanently.” 

“I just don’t care to be around people that’s giving me bad vibes. I guess what I’m trying to say is that my mental health is worth way more,” she continued. 

The Compton native explained that the drama has become too much for her to deal with.

And although she has enjoyed being on the show for over a decade, Pargo says, “At a point, you have to realize and say ‘I love a baby that don’t love me back.’ So I have to walk away from this group and this show.”

Fans on social media have mixed feelings about Pargo’s departure, but most are understanding. Many viewed her as one of the “fun” ladies of the bunch, but they understand her reasoning for wanting to separate from the group.

“Hopefully ONE of these women holds jennifer williams responsible for her callous words and behavior towards Malaysia #BasketballWives.”

Another fan brought up Tami Roman’s infamous fight with Duffey during season five in 2016.

“I applaud Malaysia she is doing what Tami Roman did and that’s walk away before she had to stomp a bitch in their face! insecure trash like Jennifer desperately need shows like this #BasketballWives,” the fan tweeted.

Roman was a fan-favorite from “Basketball Wives” before shockingly leaving the show during season 8 in 2019. She left the show after feeling “betrayed” by executive producer and former friend Shaunie Henderson, who was then known as Shaunie O’Neal. Throughout the years, there have also been multiple arguments with fellow cast members. But since then, the “Haus of Vicious” star has been booked and busy hosting television shows and collecting checks from her many acting gigs.

However, Pargo left the dinner after giving Duffey and Christie farewell hugs and feeling optimistic about her future. But between being a mom and running several businesses, she’s got her hands pretty full for now.

Find out what happens on the next episode of “Basketball Wives,” airing Mondays at 8 pm EST on VH1.

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