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‘We Don’t Want You’: Tami Roman Gets Candid about ‘Basketball Wives’ Experience and Said She ‘Tried to Get On Real Housewives Two Times’

Tami Roman opened up about her time on “Basketball Wives” during her interview with Carlos King on his podcast “Reality with The King.”

It is no secret that once Tami was cast as a main character on the VH1 reality TV show she quickly became a fan favorite. However, there wasn’t enough room for two queen bees on the same show. 

We Don?t Want You': Tami Roman Gets Candid about ?Basketball Wives? Experience and Said She 'Tried to Get On Real Housewives Two Times'
Tami Roman. (Photo: @tamiroman/Instagram)

Season 1 queen bee Evelyn Lozada was a quick-witted bombshell beauty who had sharp clapbacks. If fans know one thing about Tami, it’s that she speaks her mind and keeps it real, having no fear in her heart. Due to both individuals having leader personalities, Tami and Evelyn formed a love/hate relationship throughout their time on the show, which ultimately ended with the pair disliking each other. 

Tami finally spoke out to Carlos about the inside stunts Evelyn allegedly pulled behind the scenes while the two were on the show together. 

“To sit at that reunion [season 7] and admit they [Evelyn] sent letters to production about me and my personal business that was a lie, started a train for me like ‘this is some b——t.’” She continued, “Break me behind the scenes because I was just as successful as you in front of the camera.” 

Just because a show is labeled as “reality TV” doesn’t necessarily mean all of the scenes are genuine, something Tami learned rather quickly.  She openly talked about the moments she realized reality TV wasn’t true reality and how that caused the 52-year-old to up her emotions and bring actress Tami on the scene. 

One scene Tami highlighted in particular was season 3 opening episode with her and Evelyn where she was seen serving Evelyn “lawsuit papers.” 

“The paper she tore up, that was nothing on it. Blank piece of paper,” Tami noted in explaining production’s influence in every scene and how they wanted the ladies to “give the viewers something.” 

Although Tami has been adamant about moving on from her “Basketball Wives” era, she spilled to Carlos her interest in other ensembles. “I tried to get on Real Housewives two times, and both times they were like ‘girl, go on somewhere, we don’t want you.’” 

All in all, Tami is open to be a part of future reality shows as long as the show “is something new and feels fresh.”

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