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‘Was That a Bump?’: SZA Breaks the Internet Again with Latest Performance, Fans Say She’s Expecting 

Neo-soul singer SZA — whose real name is Solána Imani Rowe — kicked off the first leg of her North American Arena Tour on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Her first stop was in Columbus, Ohio, where she performed her classics and hits from her second studio album, “SOS.” 

The Grammy-nominated artist decided to approach this tour with more dancing as she broke out into a routine while she sang her popular track that became an immense hit: “I Hate You.”

A TikTok user with the handle @b_starry shared a clip of SZA doing her choreography on their page, but the video quickly derailed after fans began speculating that she was hiding her pregnancy.

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SZA (Photo: @sza/Instagram.)

Fan feedback included those who brought up SZA’s clothing on stage, which consisted of a black bodysuit, loose pants and a leather jacket.

“SZA looks pregnant am I tripping? Was that a bump?” 

“Ohhh it’s speculation that @sza is pregnant and that would explain the major weight gain and why she on tour wearing baggy ass jerseys and such with a BBL.”

On SZA’s track “Conceited,” she seemingly admitted to receiving surgery to enhance her figure. As the song played, listeners could hear her sing, “I just got my body done ain’t got no guilt about it.” 

In the TikTok video, SZA can be seen getting on all fours while popping her booty to the beat of the music. 

While many assume she’s eating for two, a vast majority of fans also inquired about her chosen dance moves. Several others came to her defense, demanding that folks stop being so critical of other people’s actions. 

The herd of critics and investigators seemingly got under SZA’s skin because she penned up a classy statement on Twitter following the recent backlash. 

“For every critic there’s hundreds of THOUSANDS rooting for u and that’s what tour reminds me of. Y’all make this s–t worth while. Thank you again,” she tweeted. 

The Neighborhood Talk re-posted SZA’s tweet along with the TikTok video to its page, where fans had a lot to say in the comments.

“I don’t see what’s wrong lol she’s giving people the performance they paid for.”

“I love you SZA but that hand thing took me out.”

“Dance is about expressing yourself she don’t have to look anyway it’s her song.”

“Y’all be pissing me off. She actually ate that whole performance!”

SZA’s “SOS” album is the first female album in seven years to spend at least nine weeks at No. 1 on Billboard 200 charts.

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