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Who Is SZA’s Hit Song ‘Kill Bill’ About?

Solána Imani Rowe, better known as SZA, recently dropped her sophomore album, “SOS.” The album features already known singles such as “Blind” and “Shirt,” but one song quickly rose to popularity, and that’s her second track, “Kill Bill.” Fans want to know who is “Kill Bill” about?

The song is a reference to the 2003 Quentin Tarantino-directed action movie “Kill Bill,” in which a former assassin portrayed by Uma Thurman gets vengeance on those who’ve previously done her wrong. 

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SZA. Photo: @sza/Instagram

In the song, SZA goes back and forth contemplating if she wants to murder her ex-boyfriend along with his new girlfriend. Once the song reaches its end, SZA confirms killing them both by singing, “I just killed my ex, Not the best idea, Killed his girlfriend next, How’d we get here?” 

“Kill Bill” not only reached No. 1 on the Billboard Streaming Songs chart, but it also became a viral sound used on TikTok. The song’s popularity had fans begging to know: “Who is SZA referring to?” 

While SZA’s love life has been conducted mostly out of the spotlight, with few of her love interests known to the public, the singer has been linked to a few names that might be in connection to her song. 


SZA confirmed dating the “Rich Flex” rapper while she was 20 years old back in 2009, and noted that they are still cool till this day. 

“We’ve always been cool. It’s never been weird… anytime he’s ever mentioned me, it’s always positive,” she said in an interview with Audacy. 

While Drake could have been a contender, their relationship happened and ended over a decade ago and it looks as if they seem to have no bad blood between them. 

Scott Sasso

Sasso is a clothing designer who is the face behind New York-based clothing brand “10Deep.” SZA and Sasso were rumored to have been an item in the past, however nothing strictly points to this song being about him. 

Although it’s still unclear who “Kill Bill” is about, SZA has gone on a Twitter rant in the past where she explained catching her ex-boyfriend being intimate with her “homegirl from the back at a house party” which could be an inspiration behind her song.

Fans can anticipate a music video for the hit song sometime soon as seen in SZA’a latest Instagram post.

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