‘The Cigar Just Wasn’t it’: Steve Harvey’s Stylish Fashion Post Has Fans Doing a Double Take of What’s In His Mouth

Steve Harvey is a smooth gentleman who isn’t afraid to test fashionable waters. The American TV host showed off a few of his bold-colored Dolce & Gabbana suits in a new video as he prepared for the return of “Family Feud.”

While Harvey looked rather handsome in his two outfits, a few fans couldn’t compliment his drip because they were too distracted by the large cigar he had placed in his mouth.

The 66-year-old’s fashion stylist whose Instagram handle is @elly30 uploaded a video of Harvey walking through the Family Feud set in a two-toned green suit that quickly switched into a pastel pink suit as “I Can’t Stand The Rain” by Ann Peebles played in the background.

Steve Harvey. (Photo: @elly30/Instagram.)

“And we’re officially back @familyfeud In custom @dolce&gabbana,” read the caption. 

The video received over one million replays, with over 1,000 comments. While many fans admired the “Johnson Family Vacation” star’s get-up, the comment section took a turn once fans zoomed in on Harvey smoking a cigar in the building. 

“Coldest dude in the game!”

“Loved the suits but the cigar just wasn’t it! Maybe for smokers!! Sorry!”

“Mr. Harvey! Nice suits loved the green, but you need to stop smoking for your health, and stopping smoking will give you a longer life and more time to enjoy your beautiful family.”

Despite fans’ concerns, it seems as if the comedian is not too concerned with his health because he already has a balanced diet and gym regimen

In Nov. 2022, the global philanthropist gave fans insight into how he managed to stay in healthy shape. In an Instagram post, Harvey wrote, “My greens, lean protein, and other vegetables keep my energy up!”

He continued to tell his 10.4 million Instagram followers, “Work on incorporating those into your diet daily. Trust me, your body will thank you.” 

In his actual video, the “Family Feud” host admitted that he does eat meat, but he doesn’t overdo it. 

“I got an outdoor kitchen I’m a barbecue guy so, I’m not gonna stop being a barbecue guy, I’m just not,” he confessed, “I do everything in moderation.” 

Harvey ended his video by sharing words of wisdom his trainer taught him, “If you’re eating badly, you cannot out-train the bad diet,” he suggested. “You can’t eat anything you want and then say ‘I’m going to go work all that off.’”

“The Original Kings of Comedy” star’s weight has impressively improved throughout his years in the industry, and it seems as if fans want to make sure he stays in healthy shape. 

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