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‘It’s the Back Muscles for Me’: Steve Harvey Leaves Fans Impressed After Showing Off His Gym Routine 

Steve Harvey‘s hard work in the gym appears to be paying off.

The 65-year-old took to Instagram on Aug. 27 to showcase how proud he is of his health journey by sharing a compilation video.

In the post, Harvey is seen doing various exercises in different locations in what appeared to be his home. The list of exercises included sprinting, agility ladder drills, pushups, and other arm workouts. 

The “Family Feud” host ended the clip by sharing a vacation photo of himself and his wife, Marjorie Harvey, to showcase the back muscles he’s gained from his vigorous workouts. In addition to the post, Harvey shared flexing bicep emoji. 

As fans viewed the video, many praised Harvey for keeping his health a top priority.

“It’s the back muscles for me!! Show out Uncle Steve.”

“You’re killing it Big Steve. You ain’t getting any old we need you and you’re gonna be here till you’re 120 grinding.”

“Thats right, stay fit, stay healthy , stay motivated. Health is wealth.”

“I love how he strives to keep his body in shape.”

“Uncle steve in his 60s!!! Keep it up sir!”

Among the previous remarks, others brought up that Harvey having a physically active lifestyle while in his 60s should be considered a blessing.

While singing praises about Harvey’s health and work ethic, one wrote, “You know what a blessing it is to be the age he is and to hustle and work like that! God said our body is like a temple and you are taking care of yours well.”

Another said, “You’re amazing @iamsteveharveytv. At 60+ and still with energy like that it’s a blessing.” A third Instagram user stated, “Keep up that body, brother. Seeing people our age getting it at the gym is a blessing. Keep taking care of your soul’s temple.”

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