‘You Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet’: Steve Harvey Opens Up About His Health Journey and Shares with Fans What He Consumes Regularly to Stay Fit 

Steve Harvey recently took to Instagram to disclose how incorporating a well-balanced diet and training in the gym could significantly improve one’s health.

In a post shared on Nov. 2, the “Family Feud” host, who appears to have recorded clips in numerous locations in his home, including the gym, is seen describing what he tries to consume regularly.

Steve Harvey shares the importance of working out and having a balanced diet. @iamsteveharvey/Instagram

He said, “I need food that gives me energy, a lot of vegetables, man, every day. A lot of vegetables of greens. I eat meat, now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a protein guy. I love protein, but I make sure I get that vegetable intake in me.”

Further in the discussion, the 65-year-old revealed that although he enjoys eating fish and barbecue-styled meals, he eats them in moderation because he knows how it can affect his health and performance in the gym if not consumed occasionally. 

Harvey said, “When I eat protein, I eat a lot of fish too. Yeah, I am not going to lie, I got an outdoor kitchen, I’m a barbecue guy, so I’m not going to stop being a barbecue guy. I’m just not, man. But I do everything in moderation. You can’t work out one day and eat bad three days. Work out a day, eat bad two days.”

Harvey wrapped up the video by sharing the advice his trainer, former bodybuilder and eight-time Mr. Olympia title holder Lee Haney offered him. The “Steve on Watch” host stated that Haney’s advice consisted of explaining the inability to out-train a bad diet. 

He said, “My trainer taught me something, Lee Haney, Mr. Olympia, eight-time Mr. Olympia. He taught me something a long time ago. He said, ‘You can’t out-train a bad diet.’ He said, ‘Steve, you can train every day. If you’re eating badly, you cannot out-train a bad diet. You can’t eat anything you want and then say I’m going to go work all that off.'”

In addition to the video, Harvey wrote in the caption, “‘You can’t out-train a BAD DIET!’ My greens, lean proteins, and other vegetables keep my energy up! Work on incorporating those into your diet daily. Trust me. Your body will thank you.”

As fans viewed the post, many praised Harvey for sharing the important message with his followers. 

“@iamsteveharveytv absolutely true!!! Your health is your wealth.”

“Yesssss Mr Harvey, Its All About BALANCE… Looking GREAT.”

“Such an important message! And start them young. Smash the narrative that it’s ok for kids to eat nuggets, fries and soda every day. That’s how you become an obese diabetic adult.”

“You are always the voice of reason thank you for your inspiration.”

“Gosh so true. You can’t put run a bad diet. I run and go to the gym but I really started seeing results when I changed my diet.”

In the past, Harvey opened up about the aging process and why he takes his health seriously. 

The father of four said in a social media post shared on Sept. 23, “Age don’t sneak up on you man. Age walks up on you, slaps you and drags you off. I don’t want to just leave it to cherish. I don’t want to just let it takes it course and go away as fast as it can. My drive is be able to move, have a form of flexibility without everything hurting.”

Harvey also expressed that before adding stretches to his workout routines, he would feel pain in his back and knees. While listing the benefits of working out, he said, “Working out is not easy all the time but the benefits for your health is immeasurable because that goes into the two most important things you have. And that’s your time and your health. Aging is cool. I’m glad.”

Harvey wrapped up the video by recounting when someone asked him what age he wished he could go back to. Harvey replied 64 because that was “the best I ever had it.”

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