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‘I Thought It Was Gonna be Really Boring’: Shaunie Henderson Says She Didn’t Think Her Husband’s Christian ‘Lifestyle” Would Allow Him to be ‘Fun’

“Basketball Wives” executive producer Shaunie Henderson and her pastor husband Keion Henderson embarked on a new journey with their own podcast, “The Grow Zone Podcast.” 

The first 50-minute episode dropped on Thursday, Feb. 2, and consisted of them giving fans an in-depth glimpse of the beginning of their relationship, which fans first learned of when she introduced Henderson as her new beau in July 2021. The two married the following May.

In the beginning of the video, Shaunie recalled their first date being impromptu after Henderson visited Los Angeles for a pastoral visitation.

Shaunie O'Neal Drops Last Name on Social Media After Marrying Pastor Keion Henderson
Shaunie and Keion Henderson. (Photo: @iamshaunie/ Instagram)

She confessed that despite her initial reservations, this was the best date she had ever been on. “I had the best time,” she said.

The ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal also confessed to her initial hesitation about dating a pastor. 

During the video’s 19:11 mark, she comically explained, “I’ve never dated a pastor before or a preacher so it was like, ‘Oh God.’ First of all, I thought it was going to be really boring. Like, this is not gonna be fun.” 

Taken aback by his wife’s comment, Henderson jokingly suggested that God was not currently pleased with her past attitude. 

“I think God is pleased with my honesty,” the 48-year-old replied, “because you are not anything I thought you would be.”

As their conversation continued, Shaunie explained why she originally believed dating a pastor would not be an exciting route to take. 

“I didn’t think your lifestyle really allowed you to be the kind of fun that I like,” she stated. 

Henderson’s initial reaction of shock can be understood by Shaunie because she too knows what it feels like to have assumptions placed on her, due to a career choice as a reality TV mogul. 

The mom of five talked about the kind of assumptions that were put on her once she became a first lady in the church. In a brief clip uploaded onto her Instagram, Shaunie gave fans a glimpse of her women’s conference “Her Say,” where she explained encountering people who “tried to explain church” to her. 

In the video, she gave an example of how she was treated after entering churches and meeting people who assumed she had no clue what she was supposed to do as a church member. 

“You know, like, ‘Oh, you have to sit here. When they stand, just stand when they stand. And if you don’t know the words, they’ll be on the screen.” 

Shaunie explained going with the flow whenever someone tried to explain something to her, even though she originally grew up in church. 

“I just roll with it,” she continued to admit that the assumption has turned into a comical joke for her, “Now I go into places and I’m like ‘The heathen is here! How we doing this?’” 

Not only did she grow up in church, but the new church first lady also maintained a job as the church’s secretary who created her church’s program every week.

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