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‘You Will Either Babysit a Broke Man or Miss a Rich One’: Shaunie O’Neal’s Husband, Pastor Keion Henderson, Sparks Debate Online After Suggesting That Women Who Want Too Much ‘Me Time’ with Their Man Will Never Have Their Financial Needs Met

Shaunie O’Neal’s husband Pastor Keion Henderson had a cryptic message for women who ask their men to spend quality time with them. 

On his Instagram page, the pastor shared a snippet of his most recent Father’s Day message titled “The Adam’s Apple.” In his quick clip, Henderson can be heard telling his congregation, “Let me tell you something, you will either babysit a broke man or miss a rich one.”

Henderson’s message referenced the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and dug deeper into the story of Adam and Eve. 

He continued, “Adam is over here tilling the ground, and as soon as he gets the East side of the garden together he goes to the West, but before he finishes with the West, the East is already growing again so now he’s in a full-time job, don’t know when he’s gonna get a break. And in the same time, he’s got to name all of the animals. Then Eve comes and says, ‘I need me time.’ ” 

Shaunie O’Neal’s husband sparks debate after saying that women asking for ‘me time’ will never truly get their financial needs met. (Pictured: @pastorkeion/Instagram)

The 41-year-old then inferred Adam’s thoughts, “ ‘I thought you were here to help? Not tell me to do more. I thought you were here to help. Can you name some of these animals? Can you cut some of this grass?’ ” he said. 

Henderson later suggested that although quality time is great, it’s limited when a man is providing for his family. 

“No man who is bringing home the bacon and buy you the house you want and can buy you the car you want has enough time to eat lunch with you every day,” he said. 

He continued telling women that they cannot have their cake and eat it too, but that they must choose which side of the coin they’d rather be on. “Either you’re gonna have a man who’s at home with you all day, so you can know where he’s at, at all times and he can’t contribute. Or you gonna have one who knows how to slay giants.”

His clip closed with, “But you ain’t gonna find both of them in one. Any man who got as much time as you want him to have ain’t gonna have as much resources that you need him to have.” 

Henderson was soon faced with mixed opinions from social media users who noted the importance of a healthy work/life balance. 

“Yes while this is true, man cannot be consumed with work either and forget that he has a family. It’s about compromise on both ends.”

“I don’t think everyday is the expectation just planned time is there any given and take for them both.” 

“This is the conundrum of Adam & Eve. Adam was too busy to protect Eve from evil. Instead of Eve being wherever Adam was, she was entertaining snakes. Never be too ‘busy’ for your mate and never entertain snakes while he’s away.” 

“This is great It’s all about healthy balance and communication.” 

Henderson is the senior pastor of “The Lighthouse Church,” in Houston, Texas, with Shaunie as first lady. The two married in 2022 in Anguilla, after nearly two years of dating. Their private ceremony was witnessed by many attendees, including her fellow “Basketball Wives” co-stars Evelyn Lozada and Jackie Christie

Previously, Shaunie was married to NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. The two married in 2002 but divorced in 2007, due to Shaq’s infidelities. Their separation was finalized in 2011.

Though their relationship is long over, Shaq recently confessed in an interview with R&B singer Monica that he will always see Shaunie as his wife, despite her being remarried. He also took full responsibility for the demise of their marriage.

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