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‘I Know Some of Y’all Thought I Was a Heathen’: Shaunie Henderson Opens Up About Growing Up In Church After She Says Folks Always ‘Try to Explain Church’ to Her Now She is Married to a Pastor

Transitioning from a basketball wife to the first lady of a church was not as drastic of a change for Shaunie Henderson despite others believing so. 

The mom of five recently uploaded a video of herself speaking this past September at her first hosted women’s conference, “Her Say,” onto her Instagram page. In Henderson’s clip, viewers can hear how assumptions surrounding Henderson’s ignorance of church policies were quickly made about her. 

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Shaunie and Keion Henderson (Photo: @iamshaunie/Instagram)

As an example, Henderson mentioned going to different places with her husband, Pastor Keion Henderson, and being met by people who “tried to explain church” to her.

“You know like, ‘Oh, you know you have to sit here. When they stand, just stand when they stand. And, if you don’t know the words they’ll be on the screen to the left.’”

Unbeknownst to those individuals, Henderson grew up in the church and knows all about church etiquette. However, she took no offense to their explanations, and instead comically leaned into it. 

“I just roll with it,” She explained, “Now I go into places and I’m like, ‘The heathen is here! How we doing this? How we doing, what we singing today? I learned three songs last week y’all! What we singing? I know my hymns.’”

Henderson captioned her throwback video, “I know some of y’all thought I was a heathen, but I’m not! #gottabeme #alildifferent”


She even revealed that at age 19, she obtained a job as her then-church’s secretary.

“Inside the Sunday program that was handed to you entering service, were the words to the hymn. Guess who typed the Sunday program every week 🙋🏽‍♀️….Trust me, I know my hymns”

When the “Basketball Wives” executive producer first surprised fans by popping out with her pastor boo it was by way of social media for his 40th birthday back in 2021. Henderson penned up a heartfelt message calling her then-boyfriend het “best friend and partner in life.” She also added, “You are my soundboard, you’ve taught me so much thus far, and you love me and my children unconditionally.” 

The Hendersons wed on Saturday, May 28, 2022, at Aurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club. Bishop T.D. Jakes officiated the ceremony, and gospel singer Yolanda Adams sang as Shaunie walked down the aisle.
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