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‘I Need My Hair Back!’: Tammy Rivera Nearly Breaks Down Showing Fans How She Messed Up Her Hair with Bleach After Growing it Out

Tammy Rivera is making sure people never judge a book by its cover, or in this case a photo. 

The 36-year-old had a vulnerable moment on Instagram, asking people to help with hair growth. In her video, Rivera posted a beautiful photo showing off her box braids. 

“Y’all see this picture, it’s real cute right. Like I love my braids, protective hairstyles. But what y’all don’t know is I was so sad in this picture. Because this picture I had to get this protective hairstyle because I was bald-headed.” 

In the next clip, Rivera showed fans how her hair used to be, black and long. 

“This is my hair right before I bleached it and dyed it,” Rivera stated. Impatiently wanting to make some type of change to her hair, the mom of one decided to go full throttle in bleaching, processing, and coloring her hair. 

“You know I processed it, bleached it, and chile… Y’all not ready for what y’all about to see.”

In her big reveal, Rivera’s next photo showed her with a copper-colored unevenly layered hairstyle. 

Tammy Rivera. (Photo: @charliesangelll/Instagram.)

“I have a mullet, like, this what my hair looks like now,” Rivera said. Begging for people’s help, she asked for any tips to help grow her hair out. 

“I need the best products, I need my hair growing, I need my hair back! I can’t live like this, this is terrible. I have a mullet!”

Rivera continued to explain the current state of her new hair care journey in her Instagram caption.

“Y’all better not laugh either!! It’s grown 2 inches since this pic was taken but I need some help tag some #hairgrowth #products below cause Chile this is going to be a looong journey!!”

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star noted that until her hair is finally back where she would like it to be, it will only be protective styles going in her head. 

Rivera’s anticipation of laughter from viewers was actually met with individuals who sent over different hair care products that work for them. 

Her longtime girlfriend, Adizia “Bambi” Benson even hit her comment section by sending over an Instagram of a natural hair growth specialist. 

Zonnique Pullins, who’s been vocal about her natural hair journey, suggested “no heat, amla oil, wild growth oil, and LOTS of scalp massages for the win.”

Though her hair is not currently where she’d like it to be, hopefully, Rivera is able to find the best product that works for her.

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