‘I Used to Wish I Was Thicker Then’: Tammy Rivera Opens Up About the Regrets She Had About Not Loving Her Body When She Was Younger 

Tammy Rivera has a few regrets when it comes to her body.

In an Instagram post shared on Nov. 5, the “Waka and Tammy: What the Flocka” star claimed that she wished to have cherished the smaller figure she had in her early 20s.

Tammy Rivera opens up about regretting not appreciating her slimmer physique. @charlesangelll/Instagram

The throwback image, which featured a 24-year-old Rivera, showcased the mother of one striking a pose in a green bikini. Alongside the photo, Rivera recalled in the caption that growing up she wanted to be “thicker.”

While offering advice to others that felt the same way, she wrote, “Flashback to 24-year-old me and to think I used to wish I was thicker back then! God forgive us for we know not what we do! If you slim now and wonder if you’ll ever get thick don’t worry them 30’s gone give it to ya azzzzzzz!! This look like @tammiesangel now lol.”

As fans viewed the upload, many agreed with the 35-year-old’s sentiments.

“On god. Everyone in a rush to grow up not knowing knowing what’s around the corner.”

“Sholl is! This 30+ weight is something else!”

“You ain’t neva lied! you’re still bomb then and now.”

“Tell me about it. Them 30s will give you all the a– and titties you need.”

In 2020, Rivera revealed the cosmetic surgeries she has done in the past, such as breast augmentation and liposuction, and the one procedure she regrets getting.

During an interview with Baltimore’s WKYS 93.9’s host Leah A. Henry, Rivera explained that she got liposuction because she wanted to remove her little pouch after having her daughter Charlie Rivera.

She said, “I’ve gotten my breast done and I’ve gotten lipo in my stomach, which I never should have done. It was the worse decision I’ve ever made. It was the worse decision I ever made. First of all, I didn’t need it. You know when you have a baby, that little pouch just doesn’t go away so I’m like I’m going to suck this pouch out.”

Rivera stated that her liposuction decision has caused her to gain more weight on the lower half of her body.

The reality star said, “And by me doing that, I felt like the fat deposited in other places. I’ve always been bottom-heavy. Now I’m extra bottom heavy. People are like, ‘Oh you got your ass done.’ I’m like girl, if I could suck this s–t out. I would. … I don’t have to get a BBL. It’s crazy, ‘cause when I go to my trainers I be like I’m trying to lose my butt. … I don’t want this much ass.”

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