‘I Wish He Was Here’: Lauren London Talks Experiencing Newfound Success While Finding ‘Peace’ Without Late Boyfriend Nipsey Hussle

Lauren London is riding the high of success and renewed notoriety from her latest gig in “You People.”

The rom-com features an all-star cast of Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Nia Long, and David Duchovny, as well as a host of guest spots from the likes of Mike Epps and others. The project marks the second movie that she has signed on to since the untimely and tragic passing of her late boyfriend Nipsey Hussle. The first is starring opposite Michael B. Jordan in 2021’s “Without Remorse.”

Nipsey Hussle Posts Halloween Photo With Lauren London
Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London. (Photo: @laurenlondon/Instagram)

The L.A. rapper was gunned down in March 2019 in front of his retail shop Marathon Clothing Store. He and London share one child, a son named Kross. London also shares a son, Kameron, with rapper Lil Wayne. In past interviews, the actress has spoken out about the grief she has endured as she navigates life without her longtime partner. However, as the public has begun to see her make more public appearances, it is easy to assume that she has moved past the heaviest parts of mourning “Hussle Man.”

The reality is that that could not be further from the truth. London recently appeared on the “PEOPLE Every Day” podcast, where she stated she did not “want to give a misconception that I’m at peace and I’m walking around on a cloud.”

Despite being open to the outpouring of love from her fans and peers, London said she still lives with the feeling of “there’s one person you wished was here to watch the movie with you.” So she makes it a point to find that sense of peace every day.

She continued, “I have to wake up with the intention of this every day because there are days I don’t want to, and I’m like angry about it. And that’s what healing is. It is up and down, side to side, all over the place. You know what I mean? And with each new level, there’s something else… I wish he was here, so it’s really a choice.”

In “You People,” London portrays Amira Mohammed, the Muslim love interest to Hill’s character, Ezra Cohen. The film has been loosely compared to the iconic “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” which navigates challenging discussions about race and interracial relationships.

The “ATL” star said that she was initially apprehensive about taking on the role, but gaining an understanding of the characters’ “soul connection” helped attract her to the project. Kenya Barris, the film’s co-writer and director, ultimately won her over after begging.

“I felt very safe because Kenya is a friend of mine,” London told “Entertainment Tonight.” “I felt very protected and taken care of on this set. I think when you feel safe in any environment, you’re allowed to just flourish and blossom in that way.”

In its own special way, “You People” paid homage to Hussle as it showed b-roll of parts of Crenshaw-Baldwin Hills as his record, “Last Time That I Checc’d,” is played. London said the filming in L.A. made the experience that much more personal as she wove parts of her real life into Amirah. The actress, who is Black and Jewish, added that in addition to getting a masterclass from Hollywood’s veteran talents, she also learned more about her roots.

“My dad is Jewish, my mom is Black. I just grew up with my mother in my household,” she told “PEOPLE Every Day” podcast host Janine Rubenstein. “And some of those areas that we shot in and some of the places that we shot in, I liked that they were Jewish, ’cause it was also some stuff that I got to learn via being in the movie that I didn’t know,” she noted.

“You People” is currently streaming on Netflix.

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