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‘I’m Just Done Apologizing’: Meagan Good Talks Making Bold Moves and Living Life on Her Own Terms Following Divorce from DeVon Franklin

Make no mistake, Meagan Good has boldly stepped into a new phase of life. 

Aside from switching up her signature black tresses to rock a platinum blond pixie cut, Good is also taking a new approach to living authentically: “I stopped apologizing.”

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Meagan Good in an orange suit. (Photo: @meagangood/Instagram)

The “Harlem” actress recently shared that she has always been a bold person, but her concerns about how others would perceive her was an emotion she often battled. However, that is no longer the case, as she only needs the approval of herself and God.

“I’m always gonna do what I’m gonna do as long as it’s right between me and the Lord,” she noted at the 2023 Dark & Lovely “Making Bold Moves” event. “But I would do it kind of a little apologetically because I didn’t want to offend people. ’Cause I didn’t know how I would be received or all those things,” she added.

Good continued, “I think that I’ve just come into a season personally, professionally, in every way, where I’m just done apologizing, and I know that my tribe people are my tribe people, and they’re always gonna look out, and cover, and love, and believe the best in me, and give the benefit of the doubt.”

Good went on to say that anyone outside of her tribe is really not worth the effort of trying to prove herself to. “It’s kind of a waste of time. All you’ve gotta do is be yourself.” There is no doubt that she has had several revelations since she and DeVon Franklin announced their separation after nearly 10 years of marriage in December 2021. The divorce was quietly finalized last summer.

For years, she was criticized for being too sexy or stepping onto the red carpet in provocative attire. Many of her critics attempted to slam her for poorly representing Franklin, who is also a minister. Good previously has hit back and responded directly to naysayers on social media.

“I’m not any less holy because [of] the dress I wore. I may not be who people think I should be, but I’m morphing into exactly who God wants me to be. My excuse is never ‘I’m going to do me’ and I don’t feel that I need to make an excuse or defend what I wore … I know I have a responsibility and I’m working daily to fulfill the full potential of all God has created me to be,” she wrote in one instance. Since regaining her single-ladies freedom, she has proudly shown skin and worn sexy attire without batting an eye.

During her Jan. 24 appearance on “The View,” the 40-year-old beauty said, “I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve rediscovered myself in a lot of ways,” since the divorce. Good went on to say that the show’s co-host Whoopi Goldberg and her sage wisdom helped her along the way. “Whoopi was very instrumental in that because we had some really good conversations I needed to have that were illuminating for me and eye-opening for me.”

Now, the “Think Like a Man” actress is ready to fully embrace whatever else life may have to offer her. “I feel like I get to start my life over in some ways and have a second chance at whatever’s supposed to be next. I’m really embracing that, excited about it. I don’t know what to expect, and that’s kind of amazing.”

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