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‘Looks Like a Bring Your Son to Work Photo’: NBA Star Joel Embiid Towers Over Kevin Hart In Game Day Photos from the Philadelphia Eagles NFC Victory, Leaving Fans to Clown the Comedian’s Small Stature

Kevin Hart is joining in on fans’ ongoing jokes about his height. The comedian sent social media users into a fit of laughter when he snapped photos with Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid as the Eagles won the NFC East Conference Championship.

In the images, Embiid and Hart are seen standing on the sidelines, watching their hometown champs solidify their spot at the 2023 Super Bowl. However, it only takes a second for anyone to take notice of the drastic height difference between the two men. Embiid stands at 7′ and, well, Hart is 5’2″.

Joel Embiid, Kevin Hart
Joel Embiid and Kevin Hart Photo: @Kevinhart4real/Instagram

The NBA baller towers over the comedic rock star, which fueled endless comments from fans who clowned the “Real Husbands of Hollywood” co-creator for his small stature.

“I’m sorry Kevin but standing right to him you look like his son,” wrote one person. “Looks like bring your son to work day…” said another. And a third remarked, “I did not even see you standing there at 1st glance.”

Hart shared the photos on his Instagram page the day after the Eagles victory. His caption made it apparent that he too got a chuckle from the onslaught of jokes about his height. “I don’t know what y’all see…but I see 2 motha f—king GIANTS!!!! Swipe right and see the truth….it’s all about the angle!!!! Long live Da Kid AKA Lil Swag AKA ComedicRockstar AKA Hustle Hart. #LiveLoveLaugh ….P.S My fit was [fire emoji] tho,” he wrote.

When his followers swiped right, they saw a photo of Hart standing in front of Embiid, which made it appear as though his head roughly lines up with the center of the baller’s chest, or at least it does while Embiid is leaning. Social media users were equally humored by the second image. One person noted that it became even more apparent that “Everybody in the picture taller than you.”  

“Lol Embid was on the phone thats the only way Kev can have a conversation with him hahahahah,” wrote another person playing with the fact that Hart was on the phone in the second photo.

A third took aim at the standup comic’s attire. He wore black sweats, a gray Eagles sweatshirt, a jacket that also represented the team, and a green beanie. “Bruh how are you short and your pants in the water?! Make it make sense,” read the comment.

However, all jokes aside, at least one person told Hart, “You’re as big as you feel. It’s all about the mindset.”

Hart is a die-hard fan of the hopeful Lombardi Trophy winners. The “True Story” star is always rooting for his team and has been known to try to fight his way onto the field and podium to celebrate with them. In 2021, he proved that a live appearance on NFL Rush would not stop him from booing opponents. At the time, the Eagles were going up against the New Orleans Saints. As the rivals hit the field, Hart turned toward them and began yelling, “Get y’all a— out of here!” and “Booo!”

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