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‘I Can’t Believe He’s That Tall’: Kevin Hart Fans Shocked By How Much Son Hendrix Has Grown

Fans are in awe of new family photos of Kevin Hart, his four kids, and his wife Eniko Hart. On Sunday, Dec. 25, the comedian dazzled social media users with Christmas footage featuring himself, Eniko, daughters Heaven, 17, Kaori, 2, and sons, Hendrix, 15, and Kenzo, 5. Everyone dressed in matching blue and red plaid pajamas, including Kevin and Eniko, who also wore matching robes.

“Merry Christmas from the Harts #Harts,” the actor wrote on Instagram, attached with a sweet video of Kenzo and Kaori dancing over the joyous holiday.

Kevin Hart and Family
Kevin Hart shares family photos with his wife, Eniko, their son and daughter and his two oldest children. (Photo: @kevinhart4real/Instagram.)

As fans viewed Kevin’s upload, many in the comments highlighted his uncanny resemblance to his children. However, a handful focused on Hendrix, who sat in the chair in the photos while his 43-year-old dad and everyone else stood.

“Now that’s one stylish family!!! Merry Christmas.”

“Why’s everyone sitting but you kev?”

“Nah u ain’t slick bru! I know u made your son sit down so we can’t see he taller than u huh?”

“Kev, who that grown man in the chair?!? I can’t believe he’s that tall how.”

“Kevin’s kids are taller than him.”

Meanwhile, others left remarks about Hendrix doing the “light skin” stare, which is a term referring to the blank stare on a light-skinned Black male’s face. One person said, “How nobody talking about how Kev’s son hit that (face with eyebrow raised emoji) look.” 

Another wrote, “His son got the light skin face.” A third social media user said, “How much y’all wanan bet he ain’t see his son’s face.”

Kevin shares Heaven and Hendrix with his ex-wife, Torrei Hart. The former couple married in 2003, and finalized their divorce in 2011, following Kevin’s infidelity scandal. They’ve since built a healthy friendship and co-parenting relationship with the entertainer’s current wife, Eniko Hart.

After seven years of dating, Kevin and Eniko wed in August 2016. They welcomed their first child, Kenzo, in 2017, and their baby girl, Kaori, in September 2020.

“I’m a good f—ing dad. I ain’t the best dad, but I’m a good dad for real,” said Kevin on “The Pivot Podcast” last June. “I’m there. We talk. My kids know what I do. When I leave the young ones, ‘Daddy has to go to work.’ They know why dad’s working. They know what I’m working towards. They know the importance of work.”

The “Fatherhood” star continued, “As a father, especially as a Black father, the conversations, the conversation isn’t consistent enough about the good ones. People love to hear about the bad ones, people love to hear about a motherf—r that don’t take care of his kids, but they don’t like to hear about the ones that do.”

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