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‘Category Is Mind Your Business’: Ciara’s Spicy Instagram Video Sparks Debate Among Fans Who Claim the Singer Is Showing Too Much Skin

***’Wondering Why People Feel the Need to Tell a Grown Woman How to Dress’: Ciara’s Recent Video Showing Skin Sparks Debate on If It’s Too Much

***’She Needs to Stop Showing Skin’: Ciara’s Spicy New Instagram Video Showing Skin Has Fans Debating Over If She’s Doing Too Much

Ciara caused a commotion under her recent Instagram video after some fans claimed the singer showed too much skin. 

The 37-year-old singer rocked a black cut-out midi-styled dress with a sheer bottom and a slit making its way to her hip. Wearing black sandals with heels, she walked down a flight of stairs like they were her own personal runway.

While Ciara’s bone-straight, honey blond hair helped her melanated skin to pop out, it was her little surprise at the end of the video that tied her look all together. 

As Ciara was about to enter her vehicle, she walked past the camera, exposing her double cheeked-up cakes to fans.

Ciara shows off outfit. (Pictured: @ciara/Instagram)

The singer simply put a black heart as a caption for her video that received over 2.5 million views.

Ciara’s spicy look sparked a debate in her comments section between fans who claimed that the singer was showing too much skin and fans urging folks to stop policing women’s bodies. 

“She’s beautiful but she needs to stop showing skin on the gram”

“Wondering why people feel the need to tell a grown woman how to dress? Why?”

“You’re beautiful but doing too much!”

“Category is mind your business [heart eyes] she looks amazing!”

Ciara’s body never strays from being a popular topic of conversations for fans due to her toned physique. In November, the “Body Party” singer left folks speechless after showing off her athletic build while promoting “Better Thangs,” her hit single with Summer Walker.

Rocking an all-leather attire consisting of a black bodysuit, black thigh highs and a black jacket, Ciara put fans in a trance as she posed in an assortment of places.   

In a 2021 interview with Oprah, Ciara opened up about joining Weight Watchers to help her lose 48 pounds. 

While she shared she was super close to reaching her goal, she also expressed that she recognized the importance of showing her own body grace, especially after birthing three babies. 

“Love every step of the process, embrace every step of the process. And I just feel so much more empowered because of that,” she shared.

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