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‘I Wanted to be the Type of Mom to My Daughter That I Never Had’: Kenya Moore Opens Up About Her Childhood Abandonment Trauma and How That Affects Her Motherhood

Kenya Moore is opening up about her childhood in the newest episode of Fox’s “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.” 

During the fourth episode, Moore called out “7th Heaven” actress Beverly Mitchell for “creating an issue with her.” This caused the former Miss USA winner to get pulled into deliberation in order for her recruits to understand more about the situation. 

When asked about it, Moore insisted she “didn’t come here for drama,” but one of her recruits clapped back by telling her she’s known for drama being a reality TV star. He then proceeded to tell Moore to “explain” her personality for him because, from what he sees, she’s “angry, aggressive, heavy and vindictive.” 

The conversation got deep once Moore explained feeling like she’s always being targeted, a mindset she attributes to her childhood trauma. 

Kenya Moore
Kenya Moore. (Photo: @kenya/Instagram.)

Holding back tears, she continued, “I wasn’t raised by my mom. I had like teenage, um, parents, and my mother didn’t want to have me, so my grandmother asked if she could have me. But then after that my mother just kind like of pretended that she never had a child.”

“It just got worse and worse and so, I was just so angry,” Moore emphasized.

Moore’s recruiters empathized with her story, with one stating he does not have a relationship with either of his parents. The recruiter continued to say that his severed relationship affected his ability to accept himself and asked Moore if she struggled with that. 

“I think I came a long way from, you know, where I used to be,” Moore confessed.

“I have my daughter, she’s three, and so like she’s just the world to me. I had her very late in life, and umm, but I wanted to be the type of mom to my daughter that I never had.” 

Moore insisted she strives to be “anything that’s opposite from my mother.” 

“Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” isn’t the only time Moore has discussed her estranged relationship with her mother, Patricia Moore.

In 2019, she revealed on her Instagram that her mother sent her daughter Brooklyn Daly, whom she shares with soon-to-be ex-husband Marc Daly, a gift. 

Patricia got pregnant with Moore by Ronald Grant when they both were 16 years old. Once Moore was born Patricia didn’t even name her. Grant’s mother and Moore’s grandmother, Doris Grant, took Kenya as her own. 

In a People article from 1993, Moore, who was then 22, explained that she was barely speaking to her mother, saying, “I don’t even know her.”

Moore said she is determined to do right by her daughter and make sure she never experiences the feelings of abandonment that she went through. 

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