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‘I Felt Like I Had to be a Certain Person and Wife In Order to Get Along with Him’: Kenya Moore Breaks Down on the ‘Tamron Hall Show’ While Discussing Where Things Went Left with Estranged Husband Marc Daly

Reality television star Kenya Moore is speaking out about her divorce from Marc Daly. The RHOA star appeared on the “Tamron Hall Show” on Jan. 9.

Prior to playing a clip of Moore discussing her marriage during a previous appearance on the show, Hall told Moore that learning about her divorce from Daly haunted her. Moore got teary-eyed after viewing the clip as Hall noted that the couple’s divorce was announced just three days after the show was taped.

“I think my prayers were answered when I met my husband,” said Moore. “At 46, I met the love of my life.” Hall asked Moore if something happened backstage during the show.

“We were having problems and there was always this hope that we could get over it,” replied Moore. “Doing your show was like a highlight of our lives because it was the first time he was like, really supportive of me. Our whole family was together.”

Moore went on to say that after returning to Atlanta to film “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” things were difficult.

“When we got back to Atlanta, we did a filming for ‘Real Housewives’ and it was this huge event that we had put a lot of energy into, and it was a struggle just to like work through our differences, even during the show, and a lot of it was exposed.”

She also said that she felt her voice was stifled as she tried to get along with Daly. The couple broke up in September of 2019. Moore filed for divorce in May of 2021.

“As I said before, I felt like my voice was stifled a lot because I felt like I had to be a certain kind of wife to get along with him and his personality. And that’s not what a marriage is about.”

Hall noted there was a moment during the interview when Moore looked down after Daly said he was supportive of his wife. The “RHOA” star also noted that Daly refused to film the show at the beginning of their marriage.

“It was the way in which he could’ve supported me and that never happened. I protected him as much as I could. I protected our marriage as much as I could,” she recalled. “There were signs in the very beginning before he ever stepped foot on the show. That was never an issue. In fact, I was very adamant about telling the producers, ‘I’m not going to put him on the show if that’s something he doesn’t want to do and it’ll affect our relationship in a negative way,’ I said no. But it was the other stuff that was going on.”

The couple has been in the process of a divorce for several years as they co-parent their daughter, Brooklyn. Moore told TMZ that she and Daly did not have a prenuptial agreement.

“No prenup, so yeah, unfortunately.”

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