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‘Where’s Apryl?’: Taye Diggs’ Song for His Son Derails After Fans Suspect That He and Apryl Jones Are No Longer Together

Taye Diggs’ new Instagram video showing him singing a victory tune after his son’s basketball game win fell flat when fans brought up a possible breakup between him and girlfriend Apryl Jones

Apryl Jones, Taye Diggs
Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones. (Photo: @tayediggsinsta/Instagram)

“My son just won a basketball game. He beat a school called Crossroads. It was kind of close when I first got there, but at the end they beat that ass,” The “Brown Sugar” actor sang as his video opened up. 

As Diggs’ video continued, he formulated a catchy tune that described every action that was happening as well as his thought process during the game. 

However his video derailed when fans noticed his typical singing parter, Jones, was not with him, thus prompting fans to wonder where she was. 

“Where’s Apryl?”

“You and Apryl not together no more?”

“We want Apryl on the remix, where is she?”

While Jones being absent from Diggs’ video doesn’t automatically equate to a breakup, fans began to play Inspector Gadget and discovered the beloved couple are no longer following each other on Instagram.

The news spread like wildfire once it reached blog site The Neighborhood Talk, prompting fans to comment on where they believe the couple stands.

“Lmao I deleted my man but we still together. He be irritating me lmao so idk”

“Fix It! We love y’all together”

“Me and my man do this all the time… They just mad” 

If the rumors are true and their unfollowing means they are no longer together, then this disproves fans’ theories about Diggs and Jones’ getting secretly married.

Rumors began swirling about a possible matrimony after a red carpet event showed Jones rocking a solid diamond rock on her left finger. Neither Jones nor Diggs confirmed or denied the rumors, which made them grow even larger.  

The actors have been romantically linked since 2021 after they were spotted attending a party together. While they have never actually confirmed being boyfriend and girlfriend, the two never shied away from showing how much they love each other. 

Though it took a while for people to warm up to them due to Jones’ romance history with B2K members Omarion and Lil Fizz, fans gradually began to see that Diggs might possibly be “the one” for Jones. 

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