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‘I’m The Lucky One’: Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones Gush Over One Another on Social Media, Confirming Their Relationship

Reality star Apryl Jones and actor Taye Diggs may be the cutest couple on the internet. The new celebrity pairing has been going social-media-strong for about a month, dropping the sweetest virtual love notes to each other for all to see.

Recently, the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star posted on her Instagram a “TayPryl” love moment and wrote in the caption, “I LAUGH MY ASS OFF WITH YOU!”

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 15: (L-R) Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones attend the world premiere private screening of “Incarnation” at The Montalban on February 15, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Since he joined TikTok in December 2021, the world is starting to see how absolutely hilarious the “Best Man” actor is. Millions have tuned in to see his wacky dance routines, his goofy musical theater outbursts, and his ability to just make others smile. Now, with Jones as his partner in crime, his humor is tinged with a little something else.

Jones continued, “YOU’RE SO F’ING DOPE!!!!!” And lo and behold, Mr. Brown Sugar popped into the comments and replied with the most adorable response.

“@aprylsjones Who? Me? I’m the lucky one,” Diggs wrote.

@aprylsjones/ Instagram

This public love-tapping became official after Diggs bought her an outfit for a Hollywood premiere on Feb. 17.

Apryl could not wait to share with her followers the ridiculous wardrobe he broke the bank buying for her. She wrote, “the finer things in life are amazing but so are the simplest things too! I’m rocking this sh-t, CVS and all with some heels! @tayediggsinsta (Thank u)”

While she is going along with the prank, he confirms what the world has been wondering for some time, that they are an item.

He says, “I don’t usually shop for people but I’m into you.” She responds to her audience, “Ladies, find you someone that gets you gifts from CVS.” Hearts dropped as fans witness the first time her admitting to the universe that he is “someone” to her. They all gag when he ups and kisses her gently on the cheek.

A week later, fans are still celebrating their love, dropping rows and rows of red hearts to express their approval.

Both influencers have had very public ups and downs in the romance area. Taye Diggs’ former wife is “Wicked” and “Frozen” star Idina Menzel. The two were married for ten years. His last public relationship was with Netflix’s “Setting Sunset” star Amanza Smith.

Jones was in a serious live-in relationship with Omarion from the teen group B2K. The two of them are the parents of both of her children. She also dated Lil Fizz from the same group, years after breaking up with the “Ice Box” singer. Recently, she was linked to recent divorcee, Dr. Dre.

All of Jones’ relationships have invoked incredible disparagement from fans, but this one seems to make them smile. As always, she seems unbothered and focused on what makes her happy and if the social media is telling the truth, everyone sees that that’s Mr. Diggs.

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