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‘Y’all Do Know This is Their Marriage Announcement, Right?’: Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones’ Latest Video Has Fans Believing They Have Tied the Knot

Fans of Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs are wondering if the couple are married or at the least engaged. The couple have been openly sharing their love and relationship on Instagram since “The Oval” actress declared her love for the “All American” star in February. Earlier this month on Nov. 3, many speculated she was pregnant, which she dismissed. But the rock on Jones’ left hand is very noticeable.

On Thursday, Dec. 8, Jones shared a Getty image of herself and Diggs on her Instagram Story. It was taken on the red carpet at the premiere of his TV mini-series “The Best Man: The Final Chapters.” “My love @taydiggsinsta,” she wrote on the photo.

The pair wore matching suits, but Jones sported a stunning diamond ring on her ring finger. It looked much bigger than the one she’s been rocking since October.

Y?all Do Know This is Their Marriage Announcement, Right?': Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones' Latest Video Has Fans Believing They Have Tied the Knot

Last Sunday, Dec. 4, Diggs shared a video of himself and Jones in the bed playfully singing the lyrics to Whitney Houston‘s single, “I Have Nothing.” Both actors used the sheets to cover their bodies and appeared to be in a hotel room. At one point, the “Brown Sugar” star used a bottle of Ciroc vodka as his microphone.

The video gained over 47,700 likes and over 1,742 comments. Yet, fans’ main focus was finding out whether they have tied the knot.

“Wayment is that a wedding band,” wrote one person.

Another said, “Unless they confirm it. I don’t want people speculating lol. First y’all said she was pregnant which she isn’t. Now we running with this wedding band.. she had this band on in a Nov 23rd post too but now we talking about it? I need Apryl or Taye to confirm. I’m not listening to y’all no more on these comments.”

At least one commentator was sure about what the video meant: “Y’all do know this is their Marriage announcement right?”

Neither Diggs or Jones has addressed the rings or confirmed if they are engaged or married. But outlets are saying otherwise.

Wedding bells seemingly have been the next scene for this celebrity couple for a while. Social media shows Diggs has developed a very loving and playful relationship with Jones’ son, Megaa, and daughter, A’mei.

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