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‘So Why Did He Make His Ex Get Her Tubes Tied?’: Ne-Yo Faces Backlash After Uploading Photos of His Youngest Son He Fathered Outside Marriage

Ne-Yo took time out of his day to show love to his children in various Instagram story uploads, including his alleged youngest son, whom he shares with Instagram model and influencer Sade

The singer/songwriter posted multiple photos of his estranged wife, Crystal Smith, with their three children, 6-year-old Shaffer Chimere Jr., 4-year-old Roman Alexander-Raj and 1-year-old Isabella Rose

Crystal Smith
Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal Smith, and their two sons, Shaffer Chimere Jr. and Roman Alexander-Raj Smith. (Photo: @itscrystalsmith/Instagram)

Ne-Yo continued to upload photos of his ex-fiancée, Monyetta Shaw, and their children together, 12-year-old daughter Madison Grace and 11-year-old son Mason Evan

The “Never Knew I Needed” singer lastly uploaded a few photos of him with a toddler, prompting fans to believe the child was his son. 

While Ne-Yo did not include the child’s mother in his photo arrangements, Sade re-uploaded his photos to her Instagram story with blush emojis. 

Ne-Yo with child believed to be his son (Photo: @itsbigsade/Instagram)

The toddler reveal comes five months after Crystal Smith filed for divorce for the second time. Ne-Yo filed for the first time in February 2020, and the two reconciled through the pandemic. That reconciliation led to the birth of Isabella Rose in June 2021. However, in April 2022, Smith filed for divorce, claiming Ne-Yo allegedly cheated on her and fathered a child outside of their marriage

Ne-Yo, who has insisted on keeping his family’s business out of the public eye, has not clarified his wife’s allegations of his infidelity. But photos prove that Smith and Sade were, in fact, pregnant at the same time.

In February 2021, both women uploaded photos of themselves, each cradling their baby bumps. Smith’s photo was shared on Feb. 24, and Sade’s was shared three days earlier on Feb. 21.

(L) Crystal Smith and (R) Sade (Photos: @itscrystalsmith/Instagram, @itbigsade/Instagram)

After seeing Ne-Yo’s post on the blog site The Neighborhood Talk, fans shared their annoyance with the singer for not only possibly cheating on his current wife but also for playing a vital role in his ex, Shaw, having a serialization procedure. Many ridiculed him for having more children with other women anyway, and others mentioned Sade’s resemblance to Smith.

“Fathering a child with another woman while still being married is crazy.”

“So why did he make his ex-wife get her tubes tied just to continue being fruitful?”

“This chick and his wife literally look like sisters…damn near twins.”

“Not the mama AND the son look just like crystal and her children.”

“The wrong person got the procedure that time.”

In 2011, Shaw underwent a sterilization procedure after she and Ne-Yo decided they were done having kids. To Shaw’s surprise, Ne-Yo was, in fact, not finished having children, for he not only called off their wedding but went on to date his now estranged wife, Smith.

Shaw has publicly discussed her regrets about receiving the procedure, “If I find another man to love, I may not be able to start a family with him,” she expressed in a 2016 interview with the New York Post. She also mentioned that she had found peace with the situation at the time. 

“I’m finally at peace,” said the 42-year-old. “I took a while to get here, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be exactly where I want to be, but I make the choice each day to be happy, not just for me, but for my two kids.”

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