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Ne-Yo Says Wife Talked Him Out of a Vasectomy, Singer Has Faced Criticism In Past Over His Ex’s Sterilization Procedure

The option of having more children remains on the table for Ne-Yo and wife Crystal Smith, who are currently expecting their third child together. 

The “Irreplaceable” songwriter recently revealed that he had plans to undergo a vasectomy, but his wife pulled the ‘not-so-fast’ card. Ne-Yo says the couple agreed their pending bundle of joy will be the last, but Crystal is not on board with making permanent decisions regarding the reproductive potential of either of them. 

Ne-Yo’s wife Crystal Smith and their two sons Shaffer Chimere Jr. and Roman Alexander-Raj Smith (Photo: @itscrystalsmith/Instagram)

“No, no , no — not getting the surgery,” he told Too Fab. “Now, mind you… my plan was to get the surgery, but she was like, ‘No, no, no, don’t get the surgery,” he said, adding that the reason was if the couple decided to have more children they then wouldn’t be able to do so.

Admittedly, the singer was somewhat perplexed by his wife’s disapproval of him being sterilized.

“I’m like, ‘You just said you didn’t want more kids?’ And she was like ‘I don’t want no more kids right now, but what if I want some…’ I’m like, ‘Oh. So this last one is the plan, and then if God decides he wants us to have some more, I guess we’ll have some more.”

The couple wed in 2016 and share two sons, Roman and Schaffer, however, the gender of baby number three has not yet been revealed. The singer also shares two older children, daughter Madison and son Mason, with his ex-fiancé Monyetta Shaw.

Ne-Yo’s ex Monyetta Shaw and their two children Mason and Madison (Photo: @monyettashaw/Instagram)

While together, Shaw underwent a sterilization procedure because she and Ne-Yo had no plans for additional children in the future. In 2013, the couple called it quits, but years later Shaw’s inability to have kids led to Ne-Yo being on the receiving end of criticism from followers.

“Adding to the pain is knowing that if I find another man to love, I may not be able to start a family with him,” explained Shaw of her regrets in following through with the procedure.

Though years have passed and the blended family has found ways to move past rough patches, some on social media have not moved on seemingly. On a post announcing Ne-Yo’s and Crystal’s latest pregnancy, fans criticized him for Shaw’s inability to have more children of her own.

“Im tryna figure out how you had your other baby mom get her tubes tied cause u didnt want anymore kids but still having kids with the ya wife…”

“@itscrystalsmith still you know it was insensitive af for him to do that to Monyetta yet flaunt your pregnancy time and time again”

“@neyo u are so wrong! U convinced that girl to get her tubes tied because u didn’t want anymore kids and then U left her and u continue to grow ur family.”

Others who are unconcerned with an expired relationship between co-parents were congratulatory of Ne-Yo’s expanding family.

“Blessings no stressings 🙌”

“Soooooo happy for yalllll so so happy 💕💕💕 @itscrystalsmith 👶🏽👶🏽”

“😍Cheers for the next generation,” another wrote.

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