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‘He Saw His Life Flash Before His Little Eyes’: Kelly Rowland Scares Son with Her Dance Moves, Fans Crack Up at How Tight He’s Holding On

Kelly Rowland and her almost 2-year-old son had fans cracking up at their most recent interaction in an Instagram video. 

It’s the Motherly Love for Me': Kelly Rowland's Fans' Fawn Over Her New Video with Son Noah Playing Together
Kelly Rowland poses with her older son, Titan, and younger one, Noah. (Photo: @kellyrowland/ Instagram.)

On Wednesday, Jan. 11, the former “Destiny’s Child” vocalist shared a comical video of herself holding her youngest son, Noah Jon Weatherspoon, while dancing. In the short clip, she can be seen mouthing the words to “Thotiana Remix” by rapper Blueface featuring Cardi B and YG.

As heard in Cardi B’s verse, Rowland rapped, “Cardiana, I was home with my kid mommiana.”

The 41-year-old managed to hold her son tightly as she rocked to the music’s beat and swung Noah closer to the camera before they both broke out in laughter. 

“Kellyiana,” Rowland wrote over the captionless post.

Her adorable video received over 3 million plays, over 84,000 likes, and over 1,000 comments. Fans just couldn’t seem to get enough of this mother-son duo. While many comments centered on their beautiful bond, many jokingly mentioned how tightly Noah grabbed his mother’s sweatshirt as she quickly moved him back and forth.

“Noah hanging on for dear life at the end.”

“He saw his life flash before his little eyes.”

“He tightened up that grip! Lol.”

Rowland gave birth to Noah on Jan. 21, 2021, and shares him along with her older son, 8-year-old Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, with her husband, talent manager Tim Weatherspoon.

The actress and mother of two recently opened up about her journey raising two boys with gentle parenting. “I love it,” she said during an episode of the “Angie Martinez IRL Podcast.”

Though gentle parenting is the route she willingly chose to take, Rowland also opened up about some of its struggles

“Some of it makes sense to me, and some of it doesn’t, and I respect it though because what gentle parenting is trying to do is break the generational curse of talking at your kids, and making them feel seen and respected,” she admitted. 

As she continued to explain gentle parenting, Rowland noted that she discovered the best times to speak to her oldest son about his feelings are when they’re playing or before his bedtime. She suggests those distinctive times create a calm space for him to express himself.

Gentle parenting is a new concept Rowland is learning to adapt to. But every day she provides inspiration to the world through music and art. In April 2022 she released her own bedtime children’s book titled “Always With You, Always With Me” with co-writer Jessica McKay. The cover features a photo of a woman and her son lovingly looking into each other’s eyes as the boy seemingly prepares for bed. It serves as an ode to working mothers and kids who enjoy words of affirmation.

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