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‘How Do You Get People to Go Along with Your Nonsense!’: Fans Crack Up After Taye Diggs Gets Family to Join in on His Comical Dance Moves

Taye Diggs is back with another comical video that leaves fans asking hilarious questions surrounding his chosen dance moves. 

Taye Diggs. (Photo: @tayediggsinsta/Instagram)

The “Best Man” actor uploaded a video of himself with his two sisters, Christian and Shalom Diggs, dancing at what seems to be a club. During the video fans can hear a house music remixed version of “Got Your Money” by Ol’ Dirty Bastard playing in the background as the Diggs children bounce, step and spin to the beat of the song.

The 52-year-old actor fell into his own rhythm of dance moves causing what was originally supposed to be a trio dance break to become a solo performance. Diggs began doing a fast-paced two-step move that quickly turned into him hopping closer to the camera. 

However he didn’t stop there, Diggs then decided to lift his leg onto the wall for a solid two seconds before running back into the now broken circle with his sisters.

Throughout his entire routine, fans can hear laughter coming from whoever is behind the camera recording. Fans can also see his sisters chuckling at their brother’s performance while they continue to dance. 

“Dancing family. Love y’all!” Diggs captioned his video, which received over 340,000 plays and over 35,000 likes. 

The amusing video had several fans commenting their thoughts about his original arrangement.

“I love that little build-up dance”

“I couldn’t tell if you were about to start tap dancing or break dancing”

“Okay that fancy footwork”

Other comments surrounded Diggs’ relationship with his sister’s. 

“Cause why’re you all so funny!”

“How do you get our people to go along with your nonsense! Happy belated birthday”

Diggs recently celebrated his birthday on Jan. 2. In a sweet but quick Instagram post his girlfriend, former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Apryl Jones, shouted him out for his special day. 

“Happy Born Day to you my love! I love you to pieces. [Red heart],” she wrote

Diggs and Jones recently made headlines surrounding a secret wedding after fans noticed the 36-year-old model had been rocking a stunning diamond ring on her ring finger.

While neither Diggs or Jones has announced any wedding, fans still believe their theories about a secret wedding.

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