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‘She Was Just 10’: Kevin Hart and Torrei Hart’s Daughter is All Grown Up as She Attends Prom, Fans Say She Looks Just Like Mom

Torrei and Kevin Harts daughter Heaven Hart is growing up and fans can’t seem to wrap their minds around it.

The 17-year-old recently attended her junior prom and her mother, Torrei, gave fans a glimpse of the special day on May 15.

?She Was Just 10?: Kevin Hart and Torrei Hart's Daughter is All Grown Up as She Attends Prom, Fans Say She Looks Just Like Mom
Torrei Hart’s fans bring up how much her daughter Heaven Hart has grown after the 17-year-old attended the junior prom. Photo:@torreihart/Instagram

In the Instagram post, Heaven, who rocked a short brown dress with white heels, was seen hanging out with her friends in what appeared to be a party bus as Torrei’s track “Lit” blared in the background. 

Other clips included Heaven and her friends capturing the milestone moment by taking photos. The teenager was also seen posing alongside her mother. In addition to the upload, Torrei wrote in the caption, “Junior prom 2022.” As fans viewed the video, many expressed how much Heaven has grown.

“Your mini me.. but how is she going to prom she was just 10.”

“Girl look at my boo!! I swear these kids are growing up fast. We love y’all.”

“She is a young lady now. That happened so fast.”

“Already prom?? Wow she growing up fast. “

“Ummm. This is disrespectful. I don’t appreciate Heaven growing up on me. Slapping me in the face with junior prom. Tuh. I need a moment of silence for the way these kids growing up so fast.”

Among the grown remarks, other Instagram users brought up how beautiful Heaven looked. One wrote, “I say it repeatedly that this young lady is the prettiest celebrity child who has the most gorgeous unique features. I know you and dad are so proud of your baby girl.”

Another said, while mentioning how Kevin Hart must be going crazy, “Her daddy must be losing his mind! That’s his baby girl @kevinhart4real. She is gorgeous by the way.” A third person stated, “Whew yeaaaaaaa you and Kev did that, baby girl is BEAUTIFUL.”

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