‘It’s Not About Us’: Kevin Hart Talks Building a Friendship and Co-Parenting with Ex-Wife Torrei Hart

Kevin Hart and his ex-wife Torrei Hart have come a long way from the days of their tension-filled divorce. 

The former couple had been married for just under a decade when their divorce was finalized in 2011. In the past, the standup comedian used many of his marital experiences and subsequent post-divorce headaches for material in his standup specials. 

Kevin Hart (L) an d Torrei Hart (L). Photo: Kevinhart4real, Torreihart/Instagram

And for a period of time, Torrei was not one to mince words when it came to accusing her ex-husband of stepping out on her with his then girlfriend Eniko Parrish. In 2016, Parrish and the “Ride Along 2” actor wed after seven years of a dating. While the merging of families has not been obstacle-free, Torrei and Kevin have seemingly reached a new place of understanding that has allowed them to productively co-parent their two children, daughter Heaven and son Hendrix.

“You get better. I can credit my ex-wife on growth. Myself too,” Kevin told the hosts of “The Pivot Podcast.” “It’s not about us, right? There’s a period where your flight blurs things. To the world of raising kids, you gotta realize that ain’t got nothing to do with the s—t that we had, and through the course of the years we’ve gotten better. We’ve become friends, right? We had to learn how to be friends again,” he continued. 

Elsewhere during the conversation, Kevin credited himself with being a present father to his four children. He and Eniko have two children together, a son named Kenzo Kash and daughter Kaori Mai.

“I’m a good f—ing dad. I ain’t the best dad, but I’m a good dad for real,” he said. “I’m there. We talk. My kids know what I do. When I leave the young ones, ‘Daddy has to go to work.’ They know why dad’s working. They know what I’m working towards. They know the importance of work. As a father, especially as a Black father, the conversations, the conversation isn’t consistent enough about the good ones. People love to hear about the bad ones, people love to hear about a motherf—r that don’t take care of his kids, but they don’t like to hear about the ones that do,” he continued.

Last year, while promoting his Netflix film “Fatherhood,” he stressed the significance of putting positive images of Black fathers into society. The Hart Productions founder said, “I love the opportunity of being a Black father on-screen in a positive light. Most of the times they’re on drugs, off drugs, in jail, out of jail. To have some sort of positivity behind it and maybe being a part of changing the stereotype.”

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