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‘Aint No Way I Was Bold Enough’: Tammy Rivera’s Daughter Charli Posts TikTok Video That Sparks Debate About Parenting Among Fans

Tammy Rivera and her daughter Charli Rivera have a pretty close-knit relationship. Their bond is so special that Charli got her mother’s name tattooed on her to display how much she means to her. 

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Tammy Rivera (right) and Charlie Rivera (left) Photo:@charliesangelll/Instagram

While their relationship has earned them the mother-daughter goals title among some fans, the duo has had their fair share of disputes in the past. One of their biggest disagreements surrounded Charli’s inability to clean up around the house without her mom having to ask her. 

This conflict was shown throughout season three of their reality TV show, “Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka” and fans can hear Rivera telling her daughter in an episode, “Why do I have to tell you [to clean up] every time?”

Charli seemingly poked fun at this topic of frequent arguments in a recent TikTok where she used a voiceover of Tommie Lee repeatedly saying, “Get that b—-h out of here!”

Charli’s caption written atop her video read, “When my mom comes in my room telling me I need to clean my room.”

Her Tiktok ended up on the blog site The Hollywood Unlocked, where Rivera comically commented, “Oh wait a d–m minute!! Let me go upstairs real quick!”

Charli’s video soon began to face criticism from fans who deemed it “disrespectful” for a child to make a video where the child’s parent is referred to as a curse word. 

“Ain’t no way in h– my kids gonna even allude to calling me out of my name… and then feel comfortable doing it on social media!!”

“As much as I thought it growing up, ain’t no way I was bold enough… Charli wildin” 

Although most of the comments weren’t in favor of Charli’s choice of video, some fans urged folks in the comments section to lighten up. 

“Y’all it’s a joke like shut up, break generational curses of you can’t joke with your kids”

“Y’all act like y’all never posted, retweeted, liked things about y’all parents growing up. Tiktok is that for them!”

Neither Rivera nor her daughter responded to fan comments.

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